A letter in my inbox!

Well, it is nice that people are taking the time to use my little contact form. I had this little mail in my drawer (among others) when I arrived home from work today.

peter wrote:
Tried to post this on your guestbook but unable to.Just a word of warning to anglers fishing the Glasgow Golf Club
stretch of Kelvin.My mate and I
were fishing about a mile up from
Maryhill bridge and found a cross-
bow bolt on the path.The tip is as
sharp as a needle and would go
through clothing skin and bone.I
got the newsletter through the post this morning asking for returns,but my card has been full
since July.Any suggestions? On the
subject of poachers,what about putting up signs on the river at
intervals stating club rules and
consequences of illegal fishing?

I have forwarded your mail to the Chairman Peter. I think signs up at intervals would be an great idea !