Dead Salmon on the Kelvin- an explanation?

So it appears that the dead salmon on the Kelvin was not just the result of the heat.
There has been two fish deaths, the heat and a disease. At the moment there are large amounts of dead Salmon in the Clyde and no one really knows what to do about them. The thinking is that every year this particular run of Salmon suffers the same fate with only a few getting through to spawn. It is something to do with the energy required to jump up the obstacles on the river. It seems that this run only has enough energy to make one jump, if it fails it then does not recover but dies. That is why there are so many dead salmon down at the first fall of water on the Kelvin.

So far no one really knows what to do, SEPA sent out someone who was not willing to get into the river and get a Salmon out for testing and also stated that it was not their job anyway as it was only the water they are interested in. Anyway, Dougie Brown now has a fishery biologist in tow that will carry out a test on the next dead salmon they find to find out what is causing them to go belly up.

Here is hoping!!


  1. iain · September 13, 2005

    There maybee something in that theory as i caught a wee 4lb grilse
    last week . The fish came to the net very quickly as it was caught in the weed, when i returned it to the water it took 15-20 minutes before it was ready to swim away. I thought it strange at the time but could be explained by your theory.
    Ps it was the freshest fish i have had this year.

  2. Alistair · September 13, 2005

    Oh? Where did you get your Salmon?

  3. Jim Burns · September 13, 2005

    Alistar last week was down at the river and was speaking to lad how works at King Goerge V docks. He said that he had been speaking to the guys how work the little boat that cleans the Clyde.They had pulled about 50 dead salmon out of the river. Maybe they would be they best peolpe to get hold of the dead fish for testing.

  4. Alistair · September 13, 2005

    The trouble is they need a Salmon that has freshly died. I think they are planning on watching Salmon trying to jump the weir and it they keels over net it out! 🙂


  5. iain · September 13, 2005


    I should have mentioned i fish the mid clyde area
    from Daldowie to greyfriers at Uddingston

  6. Alistair · September 13, 2005

    Yes, it is a problem with the Salmon running that far up the Clyde as well. Seemingly it is not just a Kelvin issue but affecting the whole run of fish. Possibly something to do with that particular runs feeding pattern?


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