Cash up for grabs!

There was a post on a forum I frequent from an organisation called Anglers Voice. There are giving away money::

Dear All,

If I asked you to nominate a deserving cause for a £50 cheque/voucher, who would you nominate?.

Are you personally organising clean-ups on a river?
Are you donating time to help our Rivers in a non-commercial capacity?.

Money to help you is availble from Anglersvoice.
We have a list which we send to Tim Smith at Todays’FF.
For every article we write, Tim sends a donation and works down the list.

What we really want is a list of the people working in the background which never ask for or get any “thankyou’s”.

The main agencies/societies all have membership fees which support their activities, so we would prefer to donate to people YOU think deserve it.

Maybe it’s for some new equipment/waders/kelly kettle for a brew-up, petrol money.. ANYTHING..

Drop us a line and we’ll add them to list.


I decided to nominate Friends of the River Kelvin and they are soon to recieve there 50 pounds!