Winter Isolation and Hibernation.

To my utter shame I have never been a big fan of winter fishing. There is something about winter that forces me to have some down time – maybe it is the cold or the limited opportunities however some switch off time to think about other stuff is needed. Over the last few years facebook has encouraged folk to go after grayling whilst at the same time holding up out of season brown trout for the “likes”. When I lived next to the Forth n’ Clyde canal I and a few other stalwarts would flit around after the Pike –  we had our way of marking the ground to let others know where a nice Pike we had missed or returned was. Now it just appears to be a place to go to evade lockdown rules as well as to drink alcohol and to smoke weed. Or at least that what it seems to be like.

I have taken to taking pictures of machinary in nature settings – it is like a madness that has taken over me. I see something wonderful in these dangerous machines sitting in nature.

However, with the turn of the year and with every day taking us a few seconds closer to spring I guess I should start getting my gear in order. Thinking about orders I think I have 20 flies I need to tie up for fishing buddy Paul. 

Next post will probably be a fly tying post.


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