Some you lose…

Dropped my wife off at the hospital and then drove straight for the spot. A much better day all round – sun on the water and baitfish moving in the margins.

Before you pass by that picture above can I just point out how difficult it is to hold your rod in one hand while fighting a toothy beast – and taking a photo with the other!

Three distinct feeding times – one when I arrived (I caught three straight away), another around an hour later and then one when I left mid afternoon. Two guys dead baiting overnight made me a roll n’ sausage which was nice. I passed on the buckfast – it is the sabbath after all…

By far the best pattern was my white EP fibre roachy thing. I decided to keep it on even when it was chewed to bits – after this picture it caught another one.

Scott mentioned in the comments that his finger was burned because of all the stripping – I had to change position of my line finger  three times – only changing when they started to weep blood.

Campbell said I should get one of those kinky Michael Jackson gloves – I think that would make me look far too sexy for passing women.

Caught another fish that may have reached the double figure point – maybe just under – I cast towards some scattering baitfish and then there was an almighty WhhhhHHHHOOOOOOOOOSHHHH – at my fly – it was then engulfed and then I let the Pike know who was boss – he was,  however it kindly let me land him for a quick photo opportunity…

I think I might be getting a bit blase about catching these big Pike now – only kidding…. How can you get blase about creatures with a set of gnashers like these:

Still no PIke for me on the poppers – Next week I am toying with the idea of taking a boat out on one of the famous lochs for Pike – I have a free day to take up on a secret loch in the hills – however I may just head to the trossachs

Damn right, some you win!!


  1. Eric · September 14, 2008

    Wickedly nice pike!

  2. scott · September 14, 2008

    Glad it turned out better today, my 3hour stint tonight was mince!
    They definetely have distinct feeding periods, fishing between them almost seems pointless, but you know all about it when they are on.
    I found on my favoured water at the moment that the fish feed mostly during the day, rather than the typical first and last light.

  3. Paul · September 14, 2008

    Magic Alistair.You have these beasties sussed.
    Have heard good things about pike on the fly in some of the Trossachs Lochs.I like the idea of fishing from a boat casting towards features like reedbeds etc.You could cover loads of water.
    Got a nice fish on saturday on a wee synthetic roach pattern similar to your own.

  4. Alistair · September 14, 2008

    We should do a Pike trip before it gets too late…. either the loch I am getting a day on or another one in the trossachs – Achray maybe – or we could all just go the full hog and get a boat out on Awe!

  5. Paul · September 14, 2008

    I would certainly be up for a wee trip somewhere.The pike should be pretty active right through september and october,plenty of time!

  6. Andy C · September 14, 2008

    have u seen the pike vids on youtube thers1 way a guy putting 1(pike) back and it turns round and bites him in the hand blood everywhere lol and thers good underwater footage pike feeding intresting stuff just typ pike and you will find it

  7. scott · September 14, 2008

    I think in that pike attack video its a bigger pike trying to take the small fish he is returning! Either way i wouldnt fancy it being me. I would be up for a pike trip soon, all of the bigger trossachs lochs contain pike, some recieve less pressure than others. By far the hardest fished is venacher, but it still seems to produce plenty fish.

  8. Andy C · September 14, 2008

    dont know if its the same vid the guy was spanish and hes on a jetty im sure it was the fish he caught that bit him and have you seen the snakeheads very scary ther in some rivers in england now good set of teeth on them

  9. Alistair · September 14, 2008

    I have seen the video – he is returning a fish and a pike tries to take the fish !

  10. Wade · September 14, 2008

    it’s good to see someone else is getting the pike finger. (rubbed raw from stripping line) different form pike hands. which is the landing hand covered in lacerations and or small stitches. both painful both worth it only if you have caught fish. pike finger and no fish make for a very sore and angry ride home.

  11. scott · September 14, 2008

    My pike finger reached the bloody stage today, not nice, i suppose its my fault going fishing four times in 5 days.
    Thankfully no pike hands yet.

  12. derek · September 14, 2008

    i am really not getting the feel for it yet mate but im sure gona give the canal another few goes before winter sets right in and next year i will be out early and will be giving more time to the great toothy critters..oh had a go at epoxy the other night soon found out i need a turner to keep the heads even and uniform as they turned out abit hmmmm! but they will still work im sure.

  13. Alistair · September 14, 2008

    You need to have a day with me Derek – give it another wee while and I will come with you to the canal!

  14. Charlie dunn · September 14, 2008

    Have you guys ever had any good sized pike from the nolly on the fly?-i used to fish big streamer flies for them in and around firhill basin years ago,but only managed small jacks most of the time. In fact my biggest was only about 4lbs-so you could say i caught small jacks all the time!

  15. Alistair · September 14, 2008

    Hi Charlie – I sure have – check this post out from last year:
    Once the canal boats stop going up an down for the autumn I will hit it again 🙂

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