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Hey – you guys in the states!!

Hey – you guys, aye – you and you, and quite possibly you – you guys had better keep an eye on your outgoing man at the top – seems he is bringing in a pile of new laws on the quiet. 

Some of them you are just not going to like:

After spending eight years at the helm of one of the most ideologically driven administrations in American history, George W. Bush is ending his presidency in characteristically aggressive fashion, with a swath of controversial measures designed to reward supporters and enrage opponents

…One rule will make it easier for coal companies to dump debris from strip mining into valleys and streams. The process is part of an environmentally damaging technique known as ‘mountain-top removal mining’. It involves literally removing the top of a mountain to excavate a coal seam and pouring the debris into a valley, which is then filled up with rock. The new rule will make that dumping easier.

That takes combining mountain climbing and fishing to all new levels.

The River Kelvin – Future Looking Poor?

Was reading a forum solely dedicated to salmon fishing and they were talking about the Kelvin. One chap mentioned that over the last few years he has witnessed the tributaries full of spawning fish in December – this year nothing! He does have a picture of a diseased hen fish  in one of the tributaries.


Check out the link

There is talk of employing bailiffs and the permit price being put up to £20.

It would be good to see some changes regarding the Salmon fishing – especially as how next season I intend to have a few casts with the Salmonator!

You guys all know my views – if not you can read them here and then after a little more thought here

I do not think I can face attending the AGM – the same old bullshit will be spoken about.  Before anyone votes for a rise in ticket price you should think about what exactly you are getting for your money – absolute sweet Fanny Adams springs to mind (I was well constrained there language wise). If I remember correctly the club rents the Salmon rights for only a few hundred pounds off the Crown – so what the heck are they doing with the rest of the money?

  • No Signs
  • No Bailiffs
  • No fish habitat improvement
  • A lot of other stuff which to be honest I cannae be bothered going into – maybe you can in the forum. 

I received an email from someone yesterday asking me for the website address for the “official” site of the River Kelvin Angling Association – don’t make me laugh I thought – these guys cannot even get around to painting some words on a bit of wood never mind getting together a website. Anyway, I had already told the club I was perfectly willing to put announcement’s for them on the Kelvin site as well as here however they never took me up on the offer.

Maybe someone could suggest contacting me at the AGM – seeing as how I am probably the most contactable angler in Scotland (my only claim as an angler unfortunately) it should not be that difficult.

Instead of putting the prices up to £20 I have a better idea – lets say the salmon rights cost £2000 and there are 1000 members – drop the permit price to £2 and ask that everyone join the Friends of the River Kelvin


A few hours on the Kelvin

I think last spring was one of my best on the Kelvin – I am looking forward to this spring already!

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Updating Site

Hiya – I am in the process of updating the sites theme – some things are not working – comments being one – also the page the forum is on may look strange. 

Do me a favour – can you reply to this post in the forum and tell me if you see anything strange or not – also what browser and version you are using. I think the layout is ok on the newest browsers just not older ones. 

Thanks 🙂

UPDATE: 15th DEcember – only thing now not working is the fact you cannot see how many comments have been made in the footer of the posts 🙂

An Urban Winter Walk

I love the fact that in Glasgow you can still be around nature within a few minutes walk of your house.

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PETA and the new anti fishing campaign – fishing blog reactions!

While reading some other fishing blogs I could not help notice people are discussing the new “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” (PETA) anti fishing campaign.

In case you did not know PETA campaign for any kind of injustice against animals, for example: eating them, using their skin for clothes (wool & leather etc), keeping them as pets (they have lightened up slightly on this) and animal experimentation.

However, please bare in mind they are no muesli eating hippy chanters – they have links to serious terrorism and the danger is that what they have to say may be taken seriously by people who should no better. These people already receive some serious news-time and every year they seem to attract more support from people who, quite frankly, have little idea what their real agenda is

Some people even leave PETA because they find the organisation too extreme- they are looked down upon for “just” being vegetarians and not vegans

The New Campaign

PETA in their new campaign state that fish have had bad PR up until now and people should change their views towards them. They compare fish to kittens and say:

Sea kittens are just as intelligent (not to mention adorable) as dogs and cats, and they feel pain just as all animals do.

They then ask children to create their own “Sea Kitten” on their site – you can add lipstick, sun glasses, give it a water bowl and add an elephants trunk. Something tells me PETA are not way up their on what actually goes on in nature. I thought it was a spoof until I saw it myself. 

Kinda goes against a lot of what PETA advocates against I thought. 

I then created this highly educational “Sea Kitten” complete with a mohican, an elephants trunk, a Fu Manchu moustache (annoyingly hidden by the trunk) and a novelty pair of cute ears.

I tried to liken it to a real life “Sea Kitten”

Meanwhile….Will fish for Work and Buster Wants to Fish have struck back with their views on the campaign of ridiculousness.

The Strike-Backs

Will work for Fish got himself all angry and stated the common sense argument that most of us eat meat, and animals still hunt – he also kicks into gear the “Land Puppies” campaign – I love it!!!

Please note comparison of his own real live piece of nature below and what PETA will want to teach your kids above.

Meanwhile, Buster Wants to Fish hits us all with the moral view:

…and I’m going to keep it simple – quit fucking with our kids, dammit.

Yes Buster, I could not agree more…

My view – the scientific one.

Turns out once I had added some butter and some seasoning, a kitten still did not taste as nice as trout. “Sea Kittens” may not be as adorable as kittens however they taste one hell of a lot better.

PETA are onto a loser with this campaign I reckon –  you cannot catch and release a kitten – not without a lot of blood anyway (It turned out)

What you can do?

I have absolutely no idea, the whole campaign is silly – although it would be fun if other fishing bloggers posted pictures of their own made up “Sea Kittens” – Give em’ hell boys!

Edit:Now that I have thought about it overnight – fishers can just do what they do – be a responsible fisher and a good advocate for our sport to friends, neighbours and passers by. 

Winter Flick Throughs

I am ill – consequently I am flicking through books I have on my shelf for a little glimmer of fly fishing hope. I received “The World of Fly Fishing” a few years ago when I graduated from University as a present. The photography is lovely and is certainly making me think about getting my trout gear out for a clean up for next season (not that it just has trout fishing in it – it just makes me think of fishing that I am unable to do). At least, when I am better that is….

(if you click on the picture you can read more about it at Amazon – I am an affiliate)

So if you are looking for a book for Christmas I certainly do recommend it!

BROMANoDELL’s Esox Lucius 9ft #9/10 Fly Rod (3-piece) Review

OK, its winter and you know what that means for Pike fly fishing – yup, casting enormous flies towards particularly belligerent pike which are sulking near the bottom of their frigid home – you will be using intermediate or sinking lines and will need a 10 weight to manage the harsh conditions that winter throws at you – freezing temperatures and an ice cold wind causing white horses to break on your back – a bit like a typical Scottish summer. Consequently I got my hands on BROMANoDELL’s Esox Lucius 9ft #9/10 Fly Rod (3-piece)  to continue my fight with the beasts.

The blurb from the site says:

BROMANoDELL’s Esox Lucius rods have a progressive action, which means that when casting the top section does most of the work, but when fighting powerful fish the rest of the blank comes into play, deep down in the butt section. To be able to give XL rods the best of both casting performance and fighting ability, all rods in the series are produced using mixed modulus construction (combining different types of graphite in different sections of the same rod).

9ft #9/10 Fly Rod (3-piece) is powerful so that it is equally capable of throwing big pike flies with ease and landing big trophy fish;

– Mixed modulus matt grey blank to avoid reflection and flash when casting

– 129 gram rod weight

– Constructed with double footed snake rings for low profile and lined stripping guide rings

– Equipped with top quality Cork / EVA combination, with a gun metal reel seat for a long and durable life

– Finished with black silk wrappings and lime green highlights then triple epoxy coated for optimal strength and durability

– Supplied in a protective camouflage cordura tube

I have fished with this rod since the weather got too cold to fish smaller flies – lets say pushing on to nearly double figure amount of trips.

I don’t need to tell you that I like my bling, it is not that important on a rod or reel however there is no need to have something that looks shabby, so…

Does it look Sexy?

Yes actually, although nothing too fancy – a matt grey blank in three pieces with (what seemed like) an over-sized handle. Thank goodness more manufacturers are realising that anglers don’t want their rods to be shiny and bright. At the moment it just seems to be the odd rod which has this as standard – I always think it is a good sign when I see it as somehow I assume a little more thought has gone into the designing side of things. Sometimes Pike follow the fly to within a few feet of your rod tip and you run out of line to retrieve – you must then turn yourself in a slow circle with the Pike still following your fly – what you do not want is to get a sudden glint from the sun on your rod as this will immediately spook the Pike. Considering it was probably the brief appearance of the sun in the first place that caused the Pike to want a snack you would want it to remain your friend rather than your foe.

There is of course a little bit of gloss where they have stamped the make and model – the rod is known in the game as the XL

The blank is complemented by black wrappings and very nice green highlights – quirky, I like it!


A side note – the rod comes in a camouflage tube and bag – I kept smiling when I looked at it – I was tempted to mail BROMANoDELL complaining that I had lost their rod in the bushes and could not find it. Even when my pal saw it he commented on it – although to be fair when he saw the fly I was tying on he stated he thought it had been a joke for the camera. I suppose everything to do with Pike has to have a little bit of camo on it. 

I use a Vision Koma 7/9 fly reel – it felt nice on the rod not over or undersized – the whole outfit felt comfortable in the hand and the reel was firm and unmoving.

A fighting butt at the reel end as you would expect – a cork handle with decent enough cork, it felt comfortable in the hand.

Which more importantly brings us nicely on to how the set up casts..

Castability – does the fancy stick feel good to cast?

The first time I cast this rod was for a day showing kids (and adults) how to fly fish for Pike. It was a day organised at some reservoirs outside Glasgow (the Barrhead Dams) by some countryside rangers. Everyone I let have a go with the rod enjoyed it and thought it was a lovely set up. Even Alberto (casting maestro extraordinaire) said it was nice to cast – praise indeed from the man who does not like my top end rods.

I used the rod with WF intermediate and sinking 10 weights – not a dedicated Pike fly lines – just two lines bought off eBay – they were made by Cortland. The rod casts beautifully – this is not a super fast rod – it has a nice through action – BROMANoDELL call this a “progressive action” which means it is slower actioned as opposed to faster actioned – which means it is a fishing rod as opposed to a casting rod. Seeing as how you will do more fishing than actually trying to analyse your casting this is a good thing – at least I think so anyway. I don’t mean it is a floppy – it just has action – and a nice one – a pleasure to cast all day. Sometimes I feel companies are too apologetic that a rod is not uber fast – personally I find casting fast rods difficult, I also find it difficult casting short distances with a fast rod – sometimes when a pike has followed the fly to your feet you run out of space and the whole turning around on the spot has not worked – you then  have to get the fly near the pike again quickly before it cruises off – I think this is where the “progressive action” comes into its own.

I tried this rod with biggest fly I own – a 7.5inch beast that is like casting some of the trout that I fish for – it was sweet as anything. The fly is so big you can see it at the end of this rather slack loop – my fault not the rod!

I am looking forward to further testing this rod when I get my float tube and when I finally get out in the boat on one of the big lochs. If you take a gander at what line weights the UK Pike guys recommend it is a lot heavier than what the Europeans use – In Europe it seems to be 8/9 weights whereas over here it seems to be 9/10 weights as standard. I have seen some lochs that will not let you fish if you have anything less than a 10 weight. BROMANoDELL seem to be a bit of an anomaly as they are a Swedish company with a 9/10 weight rod. 

Does it handle the beasts?

Well you see now, I have had a bit of a problem since I got this rod – the pike have not been playing ball – it has been hard going since the cold has hit us and the wind has been blowing. I have caught a few Pike however I have mostly been deep in water and taking pictures has been difficult. However what I will say is that if I had not been fishing with a big fly and deep with my sinker then I would have been heading home empty handed. 

At this point I would like to point out just how difficult it is to hold a rod whilst trying to take a picture of a splashing toothy beast!

I did finally get one wee boy too hold still long enough for a quick photo opportunity although he was not happy about it. 

I do not see you having any problems with this rod handling big Pike – it was strong enough to haul one of the beasts out of some weeds with no difficulties and I am looking forward to Spring already as I want to catch some of those big hungry post spawn mommas. 

Bottom Line

 A 9/10 weight is a rod you will need in your toolbox of tricks to go after the green beasts. It is essential to have a rod that can handle big flies and actually make the task enjoyable – Does BROMANoDELL’s Esox Lucius do this ? I would say without question yes. 

The rod retails at a cool £150, more expensive than the budget rods and less expensive than other suitable rods. The key here is that it is very possible to buy the wrong rod for the job. Someone commented to me that just because a rod does not have Pike written on the side does not mean it is not up to the job. I would say if you are buying a rod with Pike written on it you are at least going to be buying something that has been tried and tested with the beasts. Considering the rod was designed by Johan Broman who has spent most of his life developing top quality fishing tackle for several well known international brands – you cannot really go wrong!

BROMANoDELL are not just producing this Pike fly rod they are also manufacturing many other types of Pike rods. Now, you guys know how much I like my fly fishing however if the fancy ever took me to get myself a wee spinning rod for the beasts I reckon it would be one of these I would go for. In fact I met a guy who carried around a wee spinning rod for when his hands just got too cold pulling line – top idea!

Anyway, the rod is available at the Glasgow Angling Centre amongst others so I reckon I will be meeting a lot more guys down in my neck of the woods with these rods. 

Maybe I will be meeting some guys on the traditional boxing day Pike session waving their new BROMANoDELL Esox Lucius around for the first time.

Happy Pike Fishing!

Orvis Go Green

I would hope that it would be fishing manufacturers that would take the steps in going green. Sure I recycle in my home and try to be as energy conscious as possible however there is always a nagging thought that really it should be the big boys that try and cut down on wastage. It is good to see that Orvis as usual appear to be taking the lead and making their distribution centre in Roanoke as green as possible.

The first article shows a video and it includes footage from the distribution centre itself. Just look at the rows and rows of what I can only assume are vices and waders. All the gear you would ever want (to recycle) 😉

Have a read of the stories here:

Roanoke business leaders pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Roanoke businesses celebrate their ‘green’ initiatives

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