Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Sploooosh!!

Extreme kayakers have been condemned for canoeing down a dam in west Wales.

And we thought those peoples on Kayaks were crazy in the Kelvin

Check it out

Talking of best catches…

I noticed Murdock over at Flyfish Magazine is posting pictures of his wife to gain some brownie points – nice thinking !

Here is a picture of my long suffering wife of three years (to be fair though we have been together 12) 

Do I need to tell you what she puts up with?

Maybe all the fly fishing bloggers should start a theme over the next few weeks – post a picture of your long suffering partner!

Tom Chandler does not need to – I see he has already posted his trophy wife.

Tamanawis – Sounds!

He made us all wait – and then he writes something trully incredible.


Random Spring Memories

I had a fantastic day fishing with a dry fly early in the season – on the Kelvin.

Vote for Piping Live 2008!

If you live in Glasgow you no doubt heard the bagpipes throughout the summer – this was organised by Piping Live and culminated (possibly the wrong word choice)  in their Piping festival which by all accounts was most excellent. 

The Scottish Trad Music Awards announced the list of final nominations yesterday and  Piping Live! 2008 has made the final shortlist for the ‘Event of the Year’ award.   Piping Live is in category 7 up against the Gordon Duncan Memorial Concert, the Jura Festival and Shetland Fiddle Fren.  To vote for Piping Live as your favourite event of the year please go tohttp://www.handsupfortrad.co.uk/tradmusicawards/index.htm and click through the categories. You will see a vote now online link at the top of the page. 

Other links of interest:

Tuning up for a week of Piping Live

Piping Live

Random Summer Memories..

We drove down a track we had never been before on the hunt for something completely different..

We found more than we thought!

Noone told me Charles Rangeley-Wilson had a site?

Looks like the bloody thing has been around for yonks as well. 

Go check it out

Grayling Fishing Course – December 12th and 13th 2008

Alberto Laidlaw (casting maestro extraordinaire) is holding a two day grayling course on the River Teviot. 

He says:


This year we have booked the Monteviot Beat on the River Teviot just outside Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders; this beat covers 2.5 miles of double bank fishing. This particular water is renowned for its large specimen Grayling, so if you have a desire to catch a specimen fish this is the trip for you. They inhabit the same water as trout, but grayling are very different in many respects to trout. They spawn in March-June, whereas trout spawn November-January. This is one of the many reasons that they feed and act quite differently to trout and you’ll need a new array of weapons in your fishing to successfully catch “The Lady of the Stream”.

Fly fishing will be the main consideration but trotting will be included if required.

The trip is strictly limited to 6 rods and includes the availability of limited accommodation on the nights of the 11th and 12th December if you wish to stay over. This course will be suitable for all abilities and provide actual casting tuition, if required, it will take place on the water, on a one to one basis.

Some of the topics that will be covered include:

  • Fly Tying on both evenings, Fly patterns for deep nymphing
  • Rods and Lines
  • Safety when wading
  • Setting up your tackle
  • Water craft
  • Effective use of Bugs
  • Judging speed and depth
  • Knowing when to strike
  • Playing a fish

This is a great opportunity to fish a great beat for specimen grayling under the guidance of an APGAI qualified instructor.

We plan to run days on the 12th and 13th December 2008.

A One Day Grayling Course is £45 for a day or £75 for 2 days


So there you go, for more info head over to his site at Game Angling In Scotland. 


Complete Rods

So someone sent me this link through the contact form. To be honest it looked pretty poor – a bright cheesy page for a CD some guys have made about fishing. I was about to click away ( people send me a lot of links that they want me to promote) however I was sitting there waiting on someone coming to pick me up and thought what the hell I will listen to some of it. 

I enjoyed it – the songs on the site are cheesy however very very funny – it would have been a different story if they were not – in that case it would just have been awful. 

Anyway, go and check it out – go to the “fun page” and check out the “Waders of Fire”  TV comercial – an absolute hoot.

You can listen to a sample of the songs and of course buy the CD from Amazon (click on picture below)

Complete Rods

Gear I want..

Being an avid gear addict – I admit it ok – I always have an eye open for my next purchase. When I say gear addict I mean I want to have all the gear necessary for the type of fishing that I do. I have pretty much reached that point. I have my Orvis Superfine 4 weight, my Sage SLT 5 weight, my bamboo 4 weight, my Loop 8/9 weight to name but a few. Essentially, rods wise I am now totally kitted out. I could always do with a new ultra lightweight reel however it is not really necessary.

That being said I do have a few items I would like to get.

A Float Tube

I am not a big fan of boats, sure I love it but I am just too much of a tight arse to pay £25 every time I want to go out on a boat on a loch. The simple answer is to buy myself a float tube – a good one at that which will last and I reckon will pay for itself within a couple of years. I want to try and get one for next season.

I quite fancy this one from Sportfish


A Barometer/Compass/Altimeter Watch

I like gadgets ok.

I have noticed with my Pike fishing that they tend to go off the feed because of approaching weather systems. Certainly I have noticed the same with my trout fishing. I would like to make a more detailed note of temp, wind direction and atmospheric pressure. Yes – I am a geek.

I have seen a few on Ebay. and for that matter on Amazon

Suunto Vector - Black

That is it really – I cannot think of anything really that I need or want….ohh…maybe a wee dinky bag to fish light actually…good grief will this madness never end? 


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