Nicest trout I caught from the Kelvin in the 08 season..

This my friend is the story of the nicest trout I caught from the Kelvin in the 08 season. By nice I mean biggest as well as most memorable. Not that I judge how well caught a trout is by how big it is, more about the situation, mood and overall experience. I suppose it adds to the experience if by some jammy piece of chance it is also big.

The experience pretty much  sums up pretty much the whole of the 08 season for me – lots of memorable trout however no photographic evidence to back them up (or to show you guys and to keep in this diary)


I caught the trout one evening, a warm muggy evening – it was after a hard day at work and I decided to head to the Kelvin for some evening action – something that seems to have been lacking in my life over the last two seasons. There is something about dusk that calms the soul – the birds are lazier, the trees seem heavier and the trout get hungry (sometimes)

I worked my way up some slow barely moving water – every now and then I would see a trout rise however when covered it would immediately spook. Just after the slow water there is some nice riffles and this (I thought) was going to be the main event. By this point it was proper dusk and I caught maybe a dozen trout like this one…


…some bigger some smaller (note slack grip ensuring trouts guts are not squashed – a pet hate of mine in fishing photos) – I was using my Orvis Superfine 4 weight and a CDC & Elk – it was a great night. There had been a consistent hatch the whole evening and all the trout were eager for surface action.

At the top of the series of runs there is a way to battle through the bushes and then climb a small wall without having to wade back down the river. I thought about it for a moment, it was a hassle and would spoil the mood of the evening, it would make me all hot and bothered – it was peaceful, I felt safe – so I decided to just wade back down to my starting point and an easy exit. On my way down I noticed the trout were now rising in the slow water – they must have been made braver due to the darkness – I ended up dapping my fly down the river beside me, maybe a rod length from me as I waded slowly down the river, hardly casting (it is very difficult to cast here a roll cast is a must) – suddenly a trout slashed at my fly – I struck and it was gone I had missed it – I immediately put the fly back in the same place, again the trout took and it was on, leaping around the pool and boring deep – I kid you not at this point I thought I had caught my first Sea Trout on the dry fly – it took several minutes to subdue. Once in my hand I quickly unhooked it (you can see where this went all wrong cant you!) reached into my pocket, got my camera out and …flash…took its picture. Just at the moment of the flash the trout wiggled and was in the water, it paused and then was off like a …..well, like a fish really!

So this my friend is a picture of my nicest trout from the Kelvin in the 08 season.


I don’t need a float tube – quality (PERV) inventiveness saves the day!

So it turns out that due to having a baby my finances for fishing have been severely cut by the Supreme Commander.

I have been trying to come up with novel ways of getting the stuff that I need. Or rather alternative solutions to the problems that I may have on the water. One of the main pieces of fishing gear that I was obsessively coveting  needed was a float tube – it is by far the most expensive thing on my list. Now – what exactly does a float tube do ? Well, it gets you closer to the fish – it is like a disguise almost – you look like a giant duck to the fish so they do not get spooked. They are portable so you can carry them around and they are a cheap solution to buying an actual boat.

A Float Tube

A Float Tube

Anyway, it looks like there are no float tube manufacturers lining up to actually give me one so I have decided to look into alternatives that meet all the above criteria at a cheaper cost.

Ladies and Gents – I give you – the “Personal Environmental Reconoissance Vehicle”:


As you can see the PERV meets all my criteria:

  1. Blends in with natural wildlife (well it does in Scotland anyway) – it tries to emulate everything a fish might see in the water! (and then some)
  2. Air filled – so float-able!
  3. A handy retractable place to put my sandwiches!
  4. Somewhere to place my head in case of a snooze!

Fantastic – as you can see when you have a problem it is sometimes the simplest solution that is the one that will work.  Looking forward to catching a toothy critter whilst straddling this baby? Damn right I am!

See you (as Tom Chandler might say) in the Sex Shop

A Note on Gravatars

The pictures next to comments are called gravatars, at the moment they are just the default pictures that the software throws up (the little aliens) however you can have your own picture if you like. Not only does it make your comment stand out more than the ones who don’t it is also a good way of promoting your blog if you have one. Even if you don’t it is much nicer seeing something you yourself have chosen.

Have a look here at this pictureof my comments section, I have highlighted the people with gravatars with red dots:


You can use whatever picture you like, for example:

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You could also have a humorous Gravatar, or a serious one, or whatever you’d like to gain attention to. I just know some jolly jokers are going to have cannabis leafs however I think I will allow this due to the amount of cannabis plantations found on the banks of the Kelvin.

Having a good and thought-through Gravatar is a way to be seen, and to get a message across, in addition to your actual comment.

For myself, I’ve got a photo. This is suitable for several reasons, one being to show my face and therefore imply that I’ve got nothing to hide. Also because no other bugger ever takes my picture.

How to add a Gravatar?

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Hey you guys – the ones that receive my posts by email !

Hey you guys – aye, you guys that receive my posts by email – I just thought I would thank you all for subscribing to my blog. When I installed that little script it was great fun watching the numbers increase – when I hit ten I thought I was doing well, within a few weeks it hit twenty, before I knew it I was up to 50 and then into the seventies – it still increases by a few every week.  I know that a lot of people loathe getting stuff in their inbox however I am glad that you like my posts enough to keep subscribed.

What I find interesting is that different people interact with the site in different ways – you guys that subscribe to the email function are more likely to send me a quick email when you have a question or comment and do not tend to post comments or use the forum. Not that I am complaining, just something I noticed – Variety is the spice of life 🙂 


I think it is enough of a privilege that you let my wee world enter your inbox without hassling you to comment and post 🙂

Sometimes I look up and down the list and wonder about where you fish and what stories you guys might have, your jobs look pretty interesting – someone from Microsoft, a banker and  chap with his own carpentry business amongst others – if you ever fancy giving me a computer, advising on some investments or building me a fly tying storage unit just drop me a line 🙂

If anyone else fancies subscribing to the posts all you have to do is input your email address into the wee box on the left which says: “Subscribe to Urban Fly Fisher” – do not worry if you get sick of the sight of me (and people do) you can unsubscribe at any time – I promise I will not hold it against you (by that I mean my rifle with with the bullet locked and loaded with your name and address inscribed on the side)

Fishing Pals – Alex and Mike

tamandalaxLast season we hit the Kelvin early with little result – Still it was good to be out!

A Child is Born…

Born – 24th January 0555 – 7 pounds, 15 ounces


As you can imagine – no posts for a while 🙂

Talk amongst yourselves.

Distant Meetings, Secret Streams

I have spent a lot of time looking at maps for new rivers to fish or even new spots on old rivers. I am ware that this season I will have a lot of added responsibilities which will drastically reduce my time on the water so waters reasonably close at hand have had to be sourced. I love looking at maps and tracing the blue lines to see if there are any that go reasonably close to anywhere that I may travel. For example, sometimes I travel a good hour and a half away from my home due to traffic to attend meetings at a rehabilitation unit (being careful not to give too much away here), if the meeting is at the end of the day then I can get caught in very heavy traffic coming back through the city centre. A better idea is to stop and have a fish for an hour or so meaning I will probably get back home at the same time however missing out all the traffic.


Anyway, to cut a long story short I have found the above  likely looking wee spot, and in this day and age of satellite photography I can even see what it looks like – some nice wee pools, riffles, bends – probably stuffed full of fat untouched trout ripe for taking a dry fly in spring.

Looking forward to distant meetings already!

Milngavie Fly Dressers Spring 2009 Programme

The program for the 2009 Milngavie Fly Dressers is now out:

Novices and experts welcome – do not be shy if you have never tied before  as it is very informal – turn up with your vice and tie any fly you like or copy the demonstrator. There are also “presentation” evenings where someone gives a wee talk.

The Venue

Milngavie Library
Allander Road
G62 8DN
Thursday evenings
7pm – 10pm


January 15th – Fly Tying evening

January 22nd – Demonstration and Fly tying evening – Bumbles & Dabblers

January 31st – Fly Tying evening

February 5th – Demonstration and Fly tying evening – Parachute Dry Flies

February 12th – Fly Tying evening

February 19th – Demonstration and Fly tying evening -Salmon Flies

February 26th – Paul Procter – River Flies some secret patterns

March 5th – Demonstration and Fly tying evening – Loch Lomond Flies

March 12th – Fly tying evening

March 19th – Demonstration and Fly tying evening – Clyde style Flies

March 26th – Knots and leader set ups for the new season- Alisdair Mair and Alberto Laidlaw

April 2nd – Demonstration and Fly tying evening – Uist Flies

April 16th – Magnus Angus – Fly Photography & FFFT Magazine Competition Flies

April 23rd – Fly tying evening

April 30th – Demonstration and Fly tying evening

Further Info

Scottish Game Angling

North Glasgow Fly Dressers

UK Magazine Websites

I am always amazed at the UK game angling paper magazines around the fact they have not embraced the internet.

There are only three main game angling magazines in the UK:

  1. Trout and Salmon
  2. Trout Fisherman
  3. Fly Fishing and Fly Tying

Who has a Site?

 “Trout & Salmon” pretty much concentrates on Salmon with a sprinkling of trout and its river system updates are now pretty pointless in this day and age of instant information via the net. Do you really want to know how your favourite river was fishing a month ago and what someones prediction will be for a month’s time (it is always great by the way- according to the magazine). They do not have a website!

“Trout Fisherman” deals mainly with rainbow trout in stocked ponds – I would be unkind to say the same old info is regurgitated year after year as they seem to spend some time on going after coarse fish now and again. Trout Fisherman magazine does not have a dedicated site however seem to be linked in some way to Go Fishing which states is powered by a few other magazines. A cop out – most of the info is geared towards coarse fishing!

Fly fishing &  Fly Tying” is pretty much the only mag I will pick up if needing something to flick through on a long journey or if sitting having a coffee waiting on my wife while at the shops. Of course it has been dealt a bit of a blow due to the leaving of Bob Wyatt  however it still gives you the goods regarding flies and nice stories. Sure it is littered with spelling mistakes (I am one to talk however I do not get paid) however it is the only magazine that seems to consistently come up with new material and every now and then there is always a fly that I quite fancy and want to tie. Unfortunately they make the biggest error when it comes to keeping and online presence – their website is bloody awful. I mean, it has everything a magazine website could want – a list of articles and a wee forum to get people to visit – however the articles have not changed in around a year and the forum is seldom visited – the whole site looks awful (it is set in frames) meaning that it is just not pleasing to the eye. The site is also littered with “page not found” error messages. I think the  magazine  could be onto a winner with a bit of effort – the site could even generate more ideas for articles for the magazine by directly asking people what they want, readers could submit articles, old articles from years gone by could be put on the site – yikes they could even ask you to take out a small subscription to access old articles.

Are USA Sites any Better?

Are you kidding? – just take a look at the Fly Fisherman magazine site – absolutely packed full of great info. They also have a vibrant community via their forums.

And of course the Fish and Fly site is as slick as you expect the magazine to be.

 End Result

I reckon the UK magazines need to up their game if they want to survive – how about a subscription service allowing the access to old articles. I don’t know why I give my idea away for free sometimes 😉

A New Sergeant Major…

The squadrons were depleted in last year’s campaign of trout hunting by various means. Lost in action they were – up trees, on boulders, very occasionally in fish, sometimes on shopping trolleys and on one memorable occasion on the back of my jacket. Brings a tear to a glass eye that would – those little lads flying through the air – their mission to sit proudly on the surface of the water in a perfect imitation of a spiky insect. Occasionally (of course) they must dive underwater and imitate some kind of nymph – the danger for the boys makes me shiver at night, the thought of them hooking a boulder or shopping trolley, however the joy they feel when their training and camouflage fool some wily trout is really something to behold.


However, a full year has almost past since the first initial training of the troops from the Academy of Vice – sure there has been reinforcements as the campaign has progressed however these have been in dribs and drabs as time allows. Sadly, now the troops are weary, there ranks depleted – they look at the gaps in their ranks where their fallen comrades once stood proudly with there wing posts ready to be ginked and are crestfallen…


Like I say, it was sad during the season seeing my boys coming out of combat. however they are brave lads…I can only imagine what they face in their watery combat with some hungry trout – those big lips full of sharp teeth ready to rip and tear..


I try not to think about the boys that tempt Pike – maybe one day I will feel strong enough to talk about em’

The Sergeant from the Academy of Vice  is battle weary and due to a rather rash buy unable to clamp properly on to a new  kitchen table to prepare and train more troops (thanks to  the Supreme Commander)

The Sergeant decided it was time to let a young one take over, one that was up to the task of rotary techniques  


Merely standing easy – ready to stand to attention at the first hint of trouble – he now has a companion to share the burden – a comrade in arms if you will. A new recruit from the United States has arrived – a place where they insist on calling the Academy of Vice the Academy of Vise – over here we understand the nature of fly tying – it is a vice – like an addiction!


Oh yes – the Nor Vise has arrived – the untrained troops are looking forward to these new fangled American ways with their spinning hooks and automatic bobbins . The Nor Vise attaches to iether your fly tying bench or a piece of wood you can move about from place to place – the Supreme Commander hinted at close to home fatalities if the Nor Vise was attached to new kitchen table so a piece of wood is currently being located – Being impressed by Tamanawis and his Stand of Majesty  he was duly dispatched to locate a suitable mount for the Academy.

End of Current Dispatch – More to Follow!

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