Saturday Sea Fishing – Man Shit!

A family barbeque was scheduled however I had other plans arranged – awesome man shit was required. And why the man shit? – because fishing in the Sea is all about big rods and smelly bait (and also checking your nuts for ticks but that comes later).

Block was applied - of the sun variety.

Also I have never been sea fishing before which usually brings people out in incredulous wonder how I have managed to get this far into my life without casting with anger into the salty stuff – sure I have fished the estuary for Sea Trout and caught Mackerel too but not the chuck it and chance it affair that is proper sea fishing – you know casting out with baits and drinking beer, not knowing what strange beast may take hold of your smelly worm – probably what 80% of the anglers do on the Kelvin actually – being beside a river that is a few meters wide does not stop people using beachcasters on the Kelvin.

Alex with "Big Bertha"

Anyway – it was a 0700 start so of course Alex and I stopped in to pick up Allan last (he had slept in) – we were then off to the Mull of Galloway. It was a baking hot day although there was a fresh wind at the first mark with a very short smattering of rain.

We stopped off to buy bait – good grief – £6 for a bunch of worms – plus they caught us bugger all which was annoying – in the end it was the sand eels that done the job bait wise – yes, sand eels with their guts hanging out – yummy!

We fished at two “marks” (that is what Sea Anglers call fishing spots – what we might call beats) the first was merely treacherous to try and get to with sheer drops into the water below and the 2nd involved a walk along what I can only describe as a mountain goats path with a sheer drop on one side and tick infested plants on the other – in one hand I carried my rod and in my other a cool bag with some sausages and some smelly bait – I pretended not to be terrified and did not look down.

Certain Death - half a foot left!

Certain Death - half a foot left!

Alex and Allan both and two spinning rods and I had one with my fly rod. I cast out my spinning rod with a ledgered  sand eel and watched Alex cast “Big Bertha”  – his huge beachcaster.

Big Bertha in Action...

It was Alex that caught the first fish – a Pollack while spinning – by this point I had my BROMANoDELL’s Esox Lucius 9ft #9/10 Fly Rod – a Pike fly rod that I cunningly modified for the sea by giving it a wash afterwards – casting was a piece of pee – the wind helped  a fair bit and I was damn near putting out the full fly line (I was using a sinker) and out of the blue caught a wee Pollack – listen – it was small right but the significance was pretty big – my first proper sea fishy (other than mackerel) caught on the fly – a quick photo and then the beast was sent back to the depths.

May be small however it was an honest to goodness sea beast caught on the fly!

Of course Alex and Allan then caught two beasts on their spinners…

Bloody Show Off!

….and of course Allan…

Not caught on powerbait!

– at that point I should have changed to the spinner however I just persevered with the fly until eventually the action stopped – we wandered off our rock and drove to our second mark – the one at the bottom of a sheer cliff – lovely – however by mimicking a mountain goat I got there.

Plenty of action!

2nd mark was all about doggy style – after all we were having a day of Man Shit so doggy style was inevitable – at this mark all we caught was dog fish – Allan appeared to be attracting the hounds with their funny blinking eyes and weird noises – when I finally caught one I felt an appropriate ridiculous photo was called for – so I stuck out my tongue – I regret it now as it does not show the gravitas of the moment.

Serious Stuff!

I am also sporting some rather nifty polaroids from….well – Polaroid which I have been told make me look like a gimp – however they were very comfy and the lenses I was using got a very firm thumbs up.

Constant doggy action...

We had a very manly barbeque involving burnt sausages and wanted to stick a mackerel on it however none showed up – we also drank beer – all was right with life.

Rod Bending Things!

Would I do it again?

Damn right I would actually  – it was great fun – even though the dog fish were a bit pesky it was still something totally different – I have still to catch a bigger pollock an also a multitude of other strange beasts – I mean when you cast at a rising fish you know it either going to be a trout or a grayling – when sea fishing it could be any number of strange creatures.

Casting into the abyss!

Looking forward to next time already.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-27

  • never too young to hold a rod .. #
  • First day back at work after a fortnight break ! #
  • On my way home from a sea fishing trip … lots of doggy action ! We all love a bit of doggy! #

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Tenuous Fishing Photos 25/52

Continuing with my weekly tenuous fishing photos we have an actual picture of the holy grail of Urban Anglers.

Yes – it is the mighty  Glasgow Parks Code – a code, nay a set of laws handed down to users of the parks in this dear green place.

This picture was snapped after I watched what I can only describe as a fucking idiot  break every one of the rules apart from the speed limit.

The Code!

There is one sweet rule to spring on dog walkers when they try and force them into the water when you are fishing – or when you are surrounded by a pack of growling snarling rottweilers – oh yes I would have given them hell if I had seen this sign on that fateful night.

Albeit in a kinda high shaky voice – between the man tears.

You can see more tenuous fishing photos here

River Kelvin – Teenager drowns trying to save friend

I suppose I should comment on this – for those that do not know a thirteen year old boy drowned on Saturday evening while playing with friends.

ITN News

BBC News

STV News

Declan Shanley, from Summerston in Glasgow, was swept away by a strong current in the River Kelvin, near the West of Scotland Science Park – this is one of the busiest sections of the river with anglers as it has mown lawns and few trees – it is very pretty looking and is also packed full of dog walkers.

For those that fish the “Vet School” he was playing in the deep pool with the sandy “beach” – it is also the pool an angler drowned in several years ago causing the Vet School security to insist anglers sign in and out at the security gate. New members of the association always question this rule – essentially if you do not sign out the security are supposed to look for you – if they do not find you fishing then you could have fallen in and drowned – as you have signed in they can then contact the association secretary to find out your address to give to the police. To be honest this never happens – the association did not insist on the rule it is the vet school. However it is better to be safe that sorry….

During the Summer the whole of the Vet School is busy with young folk having a laugh and a carry on – I see young people swimming in that pool regularly and for the life of me I cannot figure out how this tragedy  occurred – the reports mentions the boy being swept away by the current however there is very little flow in the river just now and just below that pool there is some very shallow water.

I only wish one of you guys had been around on Saturday evening and seen this happening – there is usually a couple of anglers at the Vet School and am pretty sure if one of you witnessed this the boy would still be alive – if not by getting him out the water then by warning them of the dangers of messing around in the river.

Every year The Kelvin takes a couple of lives – this latest tragedy makes two – the last one was around a few weeks ago when a young chap managed to fall down an embankment into the river – he had been on a night out – suicide was ruled out and I do not think they ever found out how it happened.

Anyway – what do you do if you see some young kids playing by water – I remember during the cold winter when the canal had totally frozen over watching some young kids standing on it and throwing bricks at their feet trying to smash the ice – when I pointed out to them what could happen (in a nice way) they told me to “fuck off” and mind my own business – however if the ice was to break and I was there it would be my business as it would be my ass trying to haul them out.

Risks, risks, risks – life is full of them – the difference between an adult taking a stupid risk and getting away with it and a kid taking a risk  is the adult should at least have some knowledge to draw upon – the kid however is still learning and requires guidance from adults around them.

Last year someone contacted the association because an angler fell in the river and was swept along by  a strong current – the river was high and dirty – the person wanted to know what the association was going to do about it – well – when it comes to adults fishing the river the association can do absolutely nothing about it – aside from a lifelong ban if you nearly get yourself killed just in case you do something stupid again – however accidents happen and that is why as an adult you are able to way up the pros and cons of  your actions such as maybe I should not lean out so far, maybe that mud looks a bit like deep, maybe the tide is coming in a bit fast….

Kids do not have that kind of sense built in yet – they have got to learn it from us!

So what do you do?

As an angler in this urban environment we keep out ears and eyes open – especially in times when others are using the river – weekends and hot days draws people to the Kelvin – some sensible but others are just learning to use water safely. If you see a kid carrying on beside the river you say something to them – who cares if they tell you to fuck off at least some part of what you have said will have reached them – what you do not do is ignore them – if they are obviously doing something dangerous and will not stop you give the police a buzz – they are happy to pop by if it means installing some sense into someone.

I am reminded of watching two boys from my office window who were trying to drag an old boat into the River Leven – the river is big and if they had managed to get it into the water they would have probably been swept into the Clyde – nobody was challenging them – so it was up to me to say something – they did not see where I was coming from – all they wanted to do was get that boat in the water and “have a laff”

River Leven

In the end the police turned up and made them try and haul the boat back up the jetty – they could not do it – eventually the council were called – my estimation – a few grands worth of time and effort just because a couple of guys wanted to have a laugh – it could quite easily have turned into  tragedy as well – like I say – the police are only to happy to stop something happening as opposed to dealing with the aftermath.

I was thinking of heading to the river tonight however after reading all the reports my heart was just not in it – my thoughts are with young Declan’s family on a day that is supposed to be spent celebrating family life.


Tenuous Fishing Photos 24/52

Back from my camping trip – very little fishing actually done however it was great being away and discovering new ways of enjoying water – who would have thought making stones go sploosh would have been so much fun.


Speaking of father/son bonding sessions I see that today is in fact Fathers Day – usually I loathe all holidays that encourage the buying of mass produced cards without any thought behind them however I cannot help be moved a bit by the significance of actually being a Dad.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

  • Getting ready for a camping trip – cunningly chose a site near water! #
  • Loving camping in the lake district! Home tomorrow! Booo! #
  • It is still roasting hot – what is this, some kind of summer ? #

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Dusk – flat calm!

What is it they say – the biggerthere the wave the bigger the fly – well there is no wave and my flies are tiny.
I am sitting here beside this lovely wee lake typing this – I will post it when I get some kind of reception on my phone.
It has been boiling all day and now it is cool and calm – oh help ma boab – I just felt a midge….eak!
I can see nice trout rising in the middle of the lake and the ones I have seen close in have been just out of range – they always are – grin !
I am going to stay another half hour or so and if nothing happens head back to the tent for a glass of the red stuff !

Aye aye – there are some big splashes out there – wish I had a tube now as this place would be perfect !

Right – seen a fish so away I go!

Update: caught nowt and forgot my torch so had to stumble along a rocky path in the dark – the campsite we are staying at has badgers however I have not seen any yet – was hoping to see one when I got back however all I got was torch in the face – also a bird managed to get in the tent so I had to get it out – could have been worse ….. could have been a sheep!


Lake district fishing!

Had a few casts in the blazing sunshine – needless to say I caught bugger all however that was not really the point.
Fin enjoyed swinging around the rod as well ….
Tonight is for a bbq and then an hour on a local tiny lake!

Tenuous Fishing Photos 22 & 23/52

Yes -they are bloody missing – people can stop emailing me about it. For those not in the know my tenuous fishing photo project was a picture a week of something vaguely to do with my fishing – more often than not it was something that stopped me from going fishing – seeing as how I have actually been fishing over the last few weeks I have managed to……forget to post them.

So here is two in one post and I will post this weeks later on this week.

Anyhoo – the first is from a trip to Loch  Lomond Shores and its scandalously priced Aquarium SEA LIFE Centre where they state such things as “Fisherman kill otters for their coats” – personally I do not know any “fisherman” that kill otters for their coats – their hats maybe, but never their coats – I wanted to point out the inaccuracy of the statement however warning looks from dearly beloved told me I had better shut up.

Anyway – they keep lots of fish in tiny wee tanks – like these Pike which kept on looking longingly at all the other tanks with fish in them..

"Now look carefully boy - you want one that can eat this one!"

The 2nd picture is from the Kelvin – I was down with Atkins the other night and came across this inflatable raft – sometimes those jolly fun and right on students have some jolly japes in the river with a boat – they do not bother to take it home with them – they would rather leave it for some kid or drunk to drown in.

Stabbing it with a knife was almost too good for it

Right – aside from this weeks I am now up to date with the tenuous fishing photos – you can see more tenuous fishing photos here

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-13

  • Pouring rain can only mean one thing – sea beasts in the salt! Eta 8pm #
  • Heading home from the salt … lost a sea trout! #
  • Planninp on hitting the kelvin this evening – anyone want to join me? #
  • Cold east wind …overcast though…what you think? #
  • RT @kelvinmeadow URGENT! Objections to the death of Otago Lane must be with the council by 16th June: #
  • Heading to the friends of the river kelvin gala day ! Free music and fun! #
  • Even the police bought raffle tickets from the club! #
  • It is going to go to penalties! #

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