Weekly Water Photo….er 25, 26 and 27

Ok – so I managed to fanny up and not get around to posting my weekly water pictures however this time I actually have a decent excuse, in fact I have two of them. One – I have actually posted pictures of fish and two I could not upload photos to the blog from my android phone as something was messing with it. So they may be rubbish reasons however pefectly valid in my wee world of fantasy.

Glue for my waders - 25

Also I finally got around to putting all the bits of my Kelvin permit together – is this a shaky one?

Kelvin Permit - 26

And finally…

The Kelvin - 27

Right – phew, caught up again!

At the moment it is pouring with rain and we have flood warnings across Scotland – that can only mean one thing – the Salmon boys will be sharpening their worming hooks on the Kelvin.I may well have a fling for the Sea Beasts if the notion takes me – I just need to look out the tags.

In the meantime we are having an interesting discussion in the comments in the previous post about whether there are any truly huge trout in the Kelvin – go join in if you feel up for it.

See you guys on the river dudes!