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Crayfish, Crayfish everywhere – maybe this is the kind of gear the Kelvin association should be selling – especially after the TV coverage of the news that the Kelvin has now been invaded by the beasts :

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Somewhere to hang your fishing jacket and hat..

Some weird music to help you sleep…

A mousemat as you read Urban Fly Fisher…

The report goes on to say that someone out there may have stuck them in the river on purpose – whether this is someone that holds a grudge against the association or someone who thinks they can make money from trying to sell this highly illegal beast we can only speculate – although if anyone has any info please do get in touch


Crayfish problem highlighted in the Herald!

My Goodness- two posts in a day – you guys must be reeling.

Anyway – I got into work this morning and recieved a text from my boss telling me I was in the Herald. Thinking “what have they found out about me”  after all now Tommy Sheridan is out the spotlight the media must now have to target other innocent folk. #smile#

Signal Crayfish

Anyway – I bought the paper and it turns out the Herald have done a rather nice write up about the Signal Crayfish issue as well (better than the BBC)  – and who is that chap rigged out in fly fishing gear with a serious dose of the “not having the scooby” – that’s right – me!

Anyway – two articles and not one mentioned Willie Yeomans .

Here is an abridged version of the Herald article.

Any talk of wide angle lenses and “fat filters” will be severely moderated.

If you enjoy researching about Crayfish you will find these books from Amazon very worthwhile:


Crayfish in Europe as Alien Species: How to Make the Best of a Bad Situation? (Crustacean Issues)

BBC cover crayfish issue – the Kelvin!

Paul the sec was interviewed …

Crayfish are the hot topic for anglers just now …


Fish shrink during harsh winters !


Earth News

So we actually have a scientific reason why I failed to catch any big trout this season – it has to do with the very cold winter.

The scientists, based in Norway and Finland, discovered that juvenile brown trout reduced in length by as much as 1cm – a shrinkage of approximately 10%.

They say this could help the young fish to conserve energy when food is in short supply.

They describe, in the journal Functional Ecology, how the fishes’ bodies “shortened”.

This rare phenomenon has been seen before in some small mammals, including shrews, and in lizards.

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Tenuous fishing photos 46/52

I am on a lake in the lake district in England just now on a cruise – it is -1 and we just passed some hardy souls out pike fishing in boats …

Interestingly the guy driving our boat told us about the whole range of fish in the lake – trout, salmon, perch etc – he told us the biggest pike to be pulled from the lake was a whopping 18.5 stone!!!

His name was George Pike from Brighton and he fell off the pier!


It was not a wee birdie that told you it was moi!

Yea – that is correct – it was me!

Urban Fly Fisher Sponsor - Lord Kelvin

Some people just love to hear about the River Kelvin Angling Association – it is an association of anglers that is going  from strength to strength. You see the thing is the association has totally turned itself around over the last couple of years – it was only a couple of years ago I was the main detractor on how the Kelvin was managed and then I decided to mosey along to the AGM as I made a telephone call to Euan Greer asking him why the hell was my name down as a committee member when nobody had contacted me in a couple of years.  Any he told me some interesting things were afoot and I decided to attend the AGM.

What occurred was a total reboot of the association which comprised of: an overhaul of the rules, some changes to the constitution, better links being made with other organisations (pretty good stuff happening by the way) and the early formations of a bailiff force – if you were at the EGM you will know who the actual “proper” bailiffs are.

Sure the association still has its detractors however the thing to remember is that if you think you can do a better job you can always get yourself voted in to do it – don’t go thinking it is not a hard job though – personally I am glad all I do is hang around with the cool kids (and be forced along to countless meetings).

Anyway – that is enough of me bumming up the association – I just felt that for a couple of years all I did was complain about them and I think a job well done deserves a pat on the back that’s all. The association is now probably the largest fishing club in Scotland and is a force to be reckoned with.

If you are a member head over to the official forum to bombard the committee with questions and suggestions – if not a member you are out of luck I am afraid – as all the office bearers are totally voluntary they were getting bogged down from people who were not even members. This drastically cut down the time they can devote to members.  Anyway – how many questions can someone actually have about a fishing club eh?


RKAA – EGM Update

Just a quick update as I know there will be some people unable to attend the EGM.

As EGM’s go it was pretty boring – no gunfights, no “dance off” between rival factions and only one heckler – and even he is a long gunmen who really should be given his own place on the agenda – he then put his name down for some association booty and did not throw himself out for a change. (if you have ever been to a Kelvin AGM you will no who I am talking about – I should write a book about this stuff it is priceless)

Everyone was happy at the changes to the constitution – every single one of the changes were unanimously voted in. The situation with the new Bailiff Clyde wide hit force was touched upon (I don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder so my lips are sealed) – oh and Atkins is the new Chairman as Euan Greer stepped down.

I will write more later – got to dash!

Kelvin Angling Association EGM

So it is only a couple of days until the crazy kids that make up the river Kelvin angling fraternity meet up once more to discuss the parentage of the committee!
I wonder what will happen this year – shock accusations, heartening confessions, threats of handbags at dawn – I think we have had them all – something tells me though that Wednesday night will be full of surprises – one of which might be just how boring the constitution of the association actually is. Every member now has an original copy with the proposed changes – the original copy had to be painstakingly translated from an ancient weegie dialect – it was written on crumbling parchment that was covered in coffee, whiskey and blood stains!

Of course nobody will actually read the changes (which are minor) but will probably focus on the original constitution which pretty much sums up the time it was written in – there was only a couple of hundred members in those days and to be honest I do not think any of them actually fished the river. On my first jaunty on to the committee (before I was not told of any meetings) I was surprised to find that none of the office bearers actually fished the river – like none of them!  To be fair though even a few years ago you could not get anyone to actually step up for any of the office bearer positions – in fact trying to get people to turn up at a committee meeting was difficult.

Now the committee and office bearers of the association are made up of anglers that fish the river – I think this is great.

Sneezy Lord Kelvin

Anyway – I am loaded with a cold and feel like crap – seemingly my job is to check everyone has their permit on them as they come in the door – nice one, you can all guarantee you will be feeling particularly shitty just in time for the weekend.

See you there!

Tenuous fishing photos 45/52

I erected a bird feeder in my garden a few months ago so that my 22 month old boy could be amazed at our feathered friends – secretly I wanted to attract them as well.

Anyway – since it was erected our garden has been not even had a pigeon sniff at it – no idea why – anyway this morning it all changed – we had a couple of blue tits and this cheeky bastard…


Cant say I did not enjoy seeing the squirrel – especially its rather nice bushy tail. Although when I went to get my catapult seemingly it may be “traumatising” for the boy.

Blue Tit wings anyone?