Weekly Water Photo 03 of 52

Third week and this time I decided not to wait until the last minute.
I am out and about quite a lot visiting clients and every now and then I stop at wee burns to check em’ out for the fishability factor – this is one of them.
Usually you cannot see this bit of burn due to the trees – I reckon there must be trout in there however how much pressure they get from the surrounding area I do not know – this burn is between a group of high flats!


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Weekly Water Photo 02 of 52

Good grief – it is week two already (and the end of the week at that) of my weekly water photo.

I thought this photo was pretty apt as the temperature has now risen and has stayed above freezing for a few days now – in fact the other day I got in my car and it was approaching a  positively balmy 283 Kelvins.

Of course what this temp brings us is the rain…

Weekly Water Photo 02 of 52

On my way home from work the rain was causing lots of flooding in the roads – as I got out my car there were hailstones bouncing off my head – ouch!

Kelvinography – we need to talk..

Honorary Kelvinator Ben has been skulking around in bookshops taking photos of books to send in – he spotted this little gem:

[singlepic id=111 w=400 h=600 float=center]

We Need to Talk About Kelvin: What everyday things tell us about the universe – seemingly it is “A hugely accessible and entertaining exploration of the science of the everyday world around us”

Ben says: Got some funny looks while subtly trying to take a sneak pic but the “Ive got a mate called Kelvin” excuse seemed to satisfy the wary clerk

Bless – I did not have the heart to tell him that he could have pulled the picture straight off Amazon.

However, top marks for being suitably crazy and what a great find.

Weekly Water Photo 01 of 52

Ok – so I am thinking that last years tenuous fishing photos were all maybe a wee bit abstract for even me to get to grips with – there were so many links that I found it difficult to choose one thing to take a photo of and then post which resulted in a brain overload where I did not post any.

What I need is a purpose to the weekly task of presenting something I see through the lenses of my particularly shite  cameras – and behold I have found the answer: a Weekly Water Photo!

Surely to goodness taking a weekly picture of water will not be as difficult eh?

Right – the deal is the photo I present to you has water in it – so it could be a river (like this weeks), or a pond, loch or a muddy puddle – anything as long as it has water in it. I reckon if it all gets desperate I can take a picture of my pee and present it in such a way “Fly Fishing & Fly Tying” or even “Trout Fisherman” will be rushing to my door for an article.

So number one just has to be The Kelvin – I was back at the Museum again today and even though it was snowing I managed a quick gander through the trees at the river – it looked cold and dare I say very very fishy.

01 of 52

It is now 65 days until the brown trout season starts – that means 65 days where I need to get together some kind of early season fly box – more to follow….

RKAA Sucks!

Slagging off the people that are in control of your fishing appears to be in vogue these days (plus I need to try and get together my hosting fees) – so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon in my own, dare I say, capitalistic, style – yes that is correct you can now “buy the T-Shirt”

“Buying the T-Shirt” gives you several unique opportunities.

Next time someone starts to show displeasure at the club on the riverbank you can simply state

“been there, bought the T-Shirt mate”

Next time you read someone mouthing off on a forum you can simply state:

“been there, bought the T-Shirt”

Of course extra kudos if you are actually wearing the T-Shirt at the time.

You can pull this one out just about anytime anyone says anything about the club – heck even if it is something positive you can state it as an ironic statement.

In fact I think a rule should be invoked whereby if you have not “bought the T-Shirt” you cannot say anything negative at all.

You can buy it from my brand new shop – look out for more up and coming designs over the next few weeks and months.

The T-Shirt costs a thirteen bucks plus postage – it comes in all colours (not just blue and green) which you can specify at checkout – 2 quid goes towards hosting costs for the site.

Do not hesitate to give more suggestions on possible slogans.

You also get total respect for wearing the T-Shirt to the coming AGM.

Total respect!

Ok Ok – Its January!

Its January, it’s cold and miserable and most of us have not caught a fish all year – it will probably be another few months before we will even see a snout of a trout. Last year the season started badly with freezing temperatures – all the trout were away hibernating or something. Then suddenly almost overnight we were faced with flaming hot days with people worrying about the trout going belly up in the heat – you just can’t please some people.

Something struck me as I drove into work after the festivities – sleet! It was bloody miserable – I think I may actually have preferred the freezing cold of Christmas time to the damp miserable cold of New Year.

Still, its not all doom and gloom – each day is getting just a tiny wee bit longer. I have this wee widget on my phone that tells me the time of sunrise and sunset – today’s sunrise was at 0848 and sunset was at 1600 giving us 7 hours, 12mins and 9 seconds of meagre daylight while tomorrow sunrise will be at 0847 and sunset will be at 1601 giving us a whopping 7 hours, 14 mins and 8 seconds of sunny goodness to fill your soul. Fast forward a month and the length of day will be around 8 hours, 57mins and 59 seconds.

Sexy Vice...

I note from my diary the first time I wet a line last year was a Pike Trip – it was actually pretty good with lots of Jacks caught.

The only positive thing about the dark nights is that it can be filed away as “fly tying time”. Of course being a Fishing Father the dark nights can also be an excuse to go to bed at 8pm and catch up on some zeds. Talking of which I need to get my ass in gear and actually start tying some trout flies.

Oh Happy New Year by the way.

Tenuous fishing photos 52/52 – a walk in the park (last post of 2010)

So a few photos instead of just one seeing as how keeping up with simply posting one photo per week has been anything but a walk in the park – seeing as how I actually went for a walk in the park today (Hogmanay or New Years Eve to non Scots) I felt I could get in the last photo of the year – and cheat shamelessly by posting a few.

Anyway – as last days of the year goes it was pretty dreich – the snow has now left us and the temp has risen above freezing. It was nice to get out for a walk in Kelvingrove Park after a quick scoot around Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

I am always kinda disheartened when I see the Kelvin during the winter as quite frankly it looks bloody depressing with litter and general shite lying around the place.

A locked gate - this is not the tenuous photo...

The lack of vegetation shows up the true urban feel of the place – like this fence above – usually it kinda blends into the background – at the moment it sticks out like a sore thumb.

But still – there are parts of the river that look lovely if you squint the right way.

Squint - this is not the tenuous photo!

Anyway – we walked up to the Snow Bridge – so called as in years gone by folk used to use the gates to dump snow in the river. We walked down to the main weir in the Park – I doubted we would see any Salmon however it was worth a look anyway..

Looking for Salmon - this is not the tenuous photo!

The boy wanted to head off as he had far more important things on his mind…

Oh why not - this is th 52/52 Tenuous photo..

I hope you have enjoyed reading my diary this year – things sure have changed a lot since I started writing it all those years ago. Come 2011 I will complete a proper review of the last year – until then I hope you have a good one!

See you in 2011 – I raise my goblet of wine to you!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-26

  • River full of groo – no fishing! #

Happy Christmas/Winterfest (whatever)

An average xmas night out of a Kelvinator!

I would like to wish all my readers are truly Urban Merry Christmas – or Winterfest or whatever it is people are calling this time of year – actually – looking back this is the first year I have called it Christmas for quite some time – must be something about having children.

Anyway, have a lovely time and I will see you guys on the other side!


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