Moving the home base!

I often state that I have the oldest running fly fishing blog and that comes with a rather interesting issue. It means that over the years you guys come to know a little bit about my personal life not just about my fishing exploits. I mean, you guys were with me when a finished my professional training, when I got married, when I passed my driving test and when I had kids. You were with me when I drifted off from the Kelvin and fished the Clyde for a few years and were with me when my 1st and  2nd child came along which meant travelling further afield just did not seem worth it.

Now we are entering a new phase and things are about to get a whole lot more interesting. Some of you guys may have remembered that I have sold my house and am currently looking for a new one. Well, a house has finally been found and we should be moving in in the New Year. The biggest change for me is that it is outside Glasgow. We hummed and hawed about the change however we pretty much decided that the advantages outweigh the alternatives. I was initially sceptical as it means not having my local river 5mins from my front door however on further reflection it looks like a whole other world is opening up. I will still be fishing the Kelvin a few times a week however now will have other options as well as other rivers will be placed within striking distance which would have been impractical to get to  in the past. The salt will be on my doorstep in a place that I have fished before for mackerel and Sea Trout and Lomond will be in easy striking distance for some Pike action – heck I could even get the big ticket if I fancied.

2013-11-10 12.25.31

I may well have a few treats for myself as next year I shall be reaching a rather interesting age which people describe as being a big number and then an Oh at the end…

In other news I went and finally bought myself a float tube  for next season so hope to be exploring some wee lochs for the toothy beasts as well as trout. My floating tube partner in crime Alex and I have been texting each other with possible scenarios of what being on a float tube will be like. I asked him what he would do if he was being towed around by a thirty pound pike and realised he had dropped his forceps in the water – chuck the rod in the water came the reply. I like that humor!

Any of you guys got float tubes or thinking of getting one?



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  1. Connor · December 5, 2013

    The sea trout fishing there is great, especially from the other side of the narrows, enjoy settling in!

  2. Iain Cameron · December 5, 2013

    had a float tube for many years now (7??) – wouldn’t be without it. Great on wee wild waters for sneaking around and casting back towards the shoreline

  3. Jim Burns · December 5, 2013

    Hoping Santa will bring me a float tube. Have been leaving enough hints.

  4. colin wilson · December 5, 2013

    sounds like a new adventure for you and your family.

    float tubing for pike is great fun, looking forward to doing some next year , didnt use the tube at all this year.

  5. KenJ · December 5, 2013

    Ever considered what would happen if a nice treble got snagged in your tube? I’ve seen them a mile from the shore on some of the big US lakes. Too vulnerable for me. I prefer boats.
    Good luck with the move.

  6. tamticfan · December 5, 2013

    Im selling 1 with flippers for £60 if any your mates are interested.

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