I am running for Yorkhill Hospital!

Chaps, you may or not be aware that I have not exactly been the fittest of specimens over the last year or so. However, in February I decided to get myself a little fitter and started doing a spot of jogging, this then led on to having a goal of doing a 10k race (so that I was not going to wimp out) and now I am trying to raise a spot of cash through my aching legs and pints of manly sweat for Yorkhill.

Why Yorkhill? Well, you see when my number two son was born there was a wee bit of a panic as he was born with what is called a Postermedial Bowing of the Tibia – essentially above his foot his leg angled at 60 degrees. Now, it could have been a lot of things (I had no idea problems of the foot can be caused by issues in the spine) however on day two of the boys life we arrived at Yorkhill and the Consultant pulled out all the stops to make sure we had the best care available – it turns out the condition is uber rare and often it is misdiagnosed as other things.

While I have been in the waiting rooms up at Yorkhill I have been truly humbled by the way in which these young children cope with some of the most severe disabilities and problems. I am going to hazard a guess that you have children or you at least know someone who has children – if you live in Glasgow or the surrounding areas I can guarantee you that they have been at Yorkhill at some point over the last year.

So I have created a Just Giving page where I would love it if you donated a couple of pounds to this worthy cause – the money goes towards buying new machinary and new expensive stuff that children need to live some kind of quality of life.

Please don’t go thinking that this will be an easy 10k as for your cash you can expect me to sweat like a wildebeast when it is about to cross some suspicious looking swamp, undergo huge mental torture to keep going and probably be sick at the end.

Here is the link to donate – my work buddy who I have been training with is also running for the charity so we are doing it together.

The race is on Sunday 17th june – I will post some pictures of my sweaty finish if you like.

Many thanks!



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