Hurricane Bawbag Hits Scotland

Our very own Hurricane has been given a name in true style – personally I noticed it was a bit breezy when a large metal bin went flying down Anniesland Cross high street  towards a gent who then actually punched the thing sending it banging into a taxi.

He did not even flinch.

The taxi driver was raging.

Meanwhile, the wind turbines are going mental..

You can have too much electricity..

edit: I of course had to add this wee gem


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  1. I wasn’t really expecting the trampoline having clicked play without reading the title first, very funny. All seems calmer here today in Edinburgh the river is still raging and dirty.

    I’d better get some fishing in this winter or I’ll be a wreck come the new season, so far winter has been cruel and I haven’t fished since early October, terrible.

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