Five things I have learned since moving house!

So I moved out the city along the clyde estuary and you would think that this would increase my fishing however this has not strictly been the case. Here are some thoughts.

1. There are actually more people using poor methods to fish and causing chaos outside the city. I was going to tube a loch a good couple of hours from the city the other night and the banks were littered with huge tents,fires and bristling with rods.
2. Even though I have neglected the Kelvin somewhat this season it is still the best trout river within a 50 Mile radius!
3. I need to get a kayak.
4. I need to properly think about fishing in the salt.
5. A wood burner eats wood!

Random photo of a nice trout !


  1. Hi Alistair, as newbie to the Kelvin i find myself always on the stretch at the snow bridge fishing the poll just before the falls under the bridge. However as you say i know its a good river for trout so have you any other runs you dont mind sharing i should try?

  2. Christopher, pretty much every pool on the river holds trout! Just walk your way up it! Leave the mindset of good pools and poor pools. Think of there being a trout at every ripple and crease, next to every boulder and traffic cone and you will not go wrong.

    If in doubt put on the duo and cast you nymph slap bang into the head of the pool!

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