Developer Hugh Reid about to f*ck with the Kelvin – not on our watch!

Developer Hugh Scott has applied for the Kelvin River Wildlife/Green corridor to be repealed.

This is quite possibly the start of a process which could eventually lead to buildings all along the banks of the Kelvin which will destroy all access to the river and cause irreparable damage to the already recovering habitat.

Under his company, Highlander House, the developer has submitted proposals to GCC to end the Kelvin River wildlife corridor, which runs along the river bank linking Kelvingrove Park to the Botanic Gardens. This is a very good pool and run where many anglers have caught Salmon and good sized trout.

Recently Labour councilors on the council’s planning applications committee voted unanimously to grant plans to build an unprecedentedly large building complex on Otago Lane. Residents and business owners have been exploring legal options so as to challenge the decision. Amongst a myriad of breaches of protocol and planning policy it appears the designated corridor was completely ignored as an issue in the report to the planning committee, along with the relevant rules protecting green space. This provides strong grounds for taking the decision to grant to judicial review. We believe that the developer plans to neutralize this as an issue by proposing the annulment of the wildlife corridor, another backdoor tactic. As we know from experience, the DRS cannot be relied upon to protect the heritage and wildlife of this city.

Your support is now needed to object to this proposal, to protect the river and Otago Lane.

You can show your support very easily  by sending a simple letter and or email. Remember to include:

• Your name

• Postal and email address

• The proposal’s designated number: PROP0049

• The grounds on which your comments are based (e.g. Scottish Planning Policy 11) see below for relevant environmental policies links:…/Environment/ENV01.htm…/Environment/ENV08.htm…/Environment/ENV17.htm

A sample letter can be found here, to help you draft your own.

Please send your letter to:

Development Plan Team, D.R.S., GlasgowCity Council, 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX

Or email:


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