Weekly Water Photo – 17 of 52

I just spent the last few hours backing up all my photos – I have around 28gb starting around 2003 which is when I acquired my first digital camera.

A more recent one was taken by fishing buddy Campbell back in July 2009 which I never published on the blog because….well it is of me. […]

Weekly water photo – 16 of 52

I decided it was time my sun flowers were outside – the boy helped me dig the holes. I am hoping there will be no more frost. The next thing to go out in the garden is my tomato plants – I still need to buy a grow house though! I have actually been scouring […]

Weekly water photo – 15 of 52

Walked through the Botanics – did not get near the river. Tell you something though it was only at around half four the temps started to rise to a measly 12 degrees. These are the only fish I seen today.

Weekly water photo – 14 of 52

Where am I?

Weekly water photo – 13 of 52

Took the boy out for a walk beside the Kelvin – he insisted on carrying a net!

Weekly water photo – 12 of 52

A picture of the forth and clyde canal just before clydebank – this whole stretch seems pretty grim. I wonder if there are any pike kicking around!

Weekly water photo – 11 of 52

Ok – so the race is on to actually see a rising trout. Last year the first trout I seen rising was this wee burn running through Dalmuir.

Weekly water photo – 10 of 52

Passed over my shit pipe river today and it looked great – because all the trees have no leaves I can see lots of riffles and runs! Only a week until I can choose not to fish for trout – I will probably fish for pike first.


Weekly water photo – 9 of 52

The clyde is not all just about trout and salmon – battleships are also given birth on the river. This picture is not really that far from the entrance to the Kelvin.

Weekly water photo – 8 of 52

To be fair I was hanging off a bridge trying to take this photo so mucho apologies for it being a bit squint! Top bananas to anyone who can tell me where this is?

~hint~ it is on the Kelvin.