Strangest photo on Urban Fly Fisher of 2012 is…

I was wondering why its testicles were so small…

Tamanawis – You Crazy!

Tamanawis has always been an erratic poster.

It feels like just the other day that I was fishing with him however on the phone a few weeks (months ago) he told me it had been years. That frightens me, to think the years are sliding past.

I found some photos from a few years ago…


Even More Freaky Friday Photos..

Have a great weekend!


More freaky Friday Photos..

Just to freak you out for the weekend, here are some more freaky photos!


Freaky Friday Fishing Photos!

Welcome to Friday!



Kelvin in spate – shock !

Laptop is dead so do not expect any fancy posts for a while, this bad boy is being typed on my phone.

Out for a run this morning and the Kelvin once more is in full spate.

In the distance you can see the raging torrent that is the slush! I also […]

Random Photo 2008

Since no fishing exploits here is a random photo from a whopping 4 years ago (it feels like yesterday) of Alex (pre beard) and Mike (Tamanawis) fishing down the Kelvin on a nice Spring morning. On either side of the river there are paths and this is in one of the major parks in Glasgow […]

Winter Mode?

Winter Mode? I now drink better beer!

I want some of this…

I want some of this…

As opposed to lots and lots of this….

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