Broken Toe

Was away for a week to the middle class playground of Centr Parks and was supposed to meet up with Matt from North Country Angler. Unfortunately the only day I could get away was a day that winter appeared to strike with low temps and rain so we decided to cancel. Plus I had somehow […]


I stood next to Paul as he lay on the ground moaning in pain. I am not a big fan of sympathy unless it is really bad (giving and receiving) however sometimes when another man has hurt himself and it will pass in a short while there is nothing you can or should say, even […]


“April is the cruellest month, breeding. Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing. Memory and desire, stirring”

Not in this fishers life at the moment – the cruelest month happens to be February as that is the one that happens to come before March. March of course signifying the start of the trout season on […]

Too big for the hand!

The best kind!


Okay, I am pretty much resigned to the fact that this season is a total bust! The birth of son number three has hit my evening sessions incredibly heavily due to the other two boys playing merry havoc as it ensures they get to stay up late.

Anyway, enough of my parenthood musings and more […]

Micro trout and midge madness

Two trips, one to a local burn with work buddy to catch micro trout and one to Highland river to be destroyed by the midge.

Work buddy

We fished a few pools as their was a nice amount of water in wee burn. We fished fish about and we had a lot of […]

New net finally christened.

It has been slow on my fishing front due to the imminent arrival of my third son as I could not travel very far and now of course he has arrived which causes additional fishing difficulties. If you are a pal on Facebook you will have seen the photos.

However, the planets aligned and today […]

Blunders and DIY

So after a week of painting and trying to get new carbon brushes for my washing machine I knew I was earning some serious brownie points. After actually fitting the carbon brushes and getting a start on the huge washing pile AND cutting the grass on Saturday morning a trip to the river was on […]

The ending comes first for a reason..

Their was a figure sitting beside the river however because of the gloom I could not quite make them out. It was a pat of this river that I had never fished before however I knew it was popular with walkers so reckoned it was someone having a rest. I said hello however the figure […]

Fly Fishing Masters UK – Italian Casting Style

A full day pass was acquired and I set off on the two hour drive up the M74 to the Annan to meet my old fishing buddy Emanuele for some education around Italian casting techniques. The one thing I had to remember was to leave both car seats for my wife so that it would […]