Fly fishing mag on ebay

Looks like an interesting magazine on ebay

lFly fishing and Fly Tying Mag USA

Some of the better magazines are written in the states…..looks like there are two copies left….are you going to get it before me 🙂

North Korea…good trout fishing opportunities?

So I was browsing around and found this article.

This little section caught my eye…

Creekmore recalled meeting Kim Il Sung, the leader of North Korea in 1994 and father of the current North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. He reflected that he thought the elder Kim was “quite enlightening” and said that the dictator […]

Brown trout fakes orgasms

I have no idea of the purpose (or for that matter just how they found this one out)

Female brown trout (Salmo trutta) fake orgasms to encourage males to ejaculate prematurely. By doing so, they dupe their partner into thinking it has successfully mated, before the female fish moves on to find a better male […]

Womens Hour – Fly Fishing

An interview with Mandy Shelvey-Veness – a women fly tyer.

Its on the radio, all very hight tech

BBC radio 4

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Looks like Glory of the North

Mike has finally written up a report of his trip up North.. The Glory of the North

Oh why did Steve Irwin not see the Danger Danger !!!

So I have been hearing mixed views on the death of Steve Irwin the infamous crocodile hunter. For some, it was an accident waiting to happen for a reckless adrenalin junkie who was just in it for the cash and for others it was a tragic accident that robbed the world of a dedicated Australian […]

What goes around…

There are those I imahine that would lump us anglers in with people like this….

BRITAIN’S most notorious collector of rare birds’ eggs died when he fell from a tree while examining a nest, an inquest has heard.

Colin Watson, 62, climbed three-quarters of the way up a 40ft larch tree before falling to his […]

I see Trout Nut has had a makeover (not that Jason needed to do one). I remember when it arrived on the internet and the forums were a buzz about this new site with detailed pictures of insects. To be fair I am still amazed by the detail of the insects….

Anglers attacked by animal extremists

It was bound to happen eventually, I really have no sympathy for these people.

Anglers attacked by animal extremists

September issue of Fish Wild

I see the September issue of fish wild is now online.

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