A walk in the park- part four!

Lovely runs- so clear looks like a chalkstream in places!

A walk in the park – part three!

First pool we come to – I have the boy with me – is the fanny pad pool ….

A walk in the park – part two.

Like I say – a few mins later I am in the kelvin corridor next to the river!

A walk in the park – part one

Going for a walk along the river today – I will post as I go! This is a five min walk from the river!

The Brack

Seeing as how it was such a nice day weather wise, my wife and I decided to choose a walk out of the Pathfinder book we had bought last year.

The walks are split up into three sections – easy, medium and hard. I chose one of the hard ones a 10 mile […]

16 days

16 Days to go and the broonie season will be upon us.

I mind it was like this last year …..and then suddenly we get snow.

I hope its not the same this year !

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Lake District

Greetings, I have done very little fishing so I have not had the time to update the blog. I have been away in the Lake District doing a spot of walking and hiking. We stayed at a reasonable campsite called Scotgate and did a few interesting walks around Keswick and beyond. Lots of lovely walks […]

A bit of a walk up Beinn Dubh

A bit of a walk is an understatement actually. As yesterday was for lots of food and drink as it was barbeque weather (no fishing as it was to hot) and today it was time to work a bit of that excess off with a bit of hill walking. We decided to tackle Beinn Dubh […]

A Walk in the Snow!

Will I be fishing on opening day? Well considering Claire and I went for a walk along the banks of the Kelvin and we took a Sled I can with good confidence say no. Most enjoyable though, never seen the Kelvin in snow before! And here is where I will most probably cast my first […]

February Reconnaissance (disguised as a “romantic walk darling” Classy move!!)

I was trying to work out why I have had such a massive jump in visitors to the main Kelvin website and to here over the weekend. Usually visitor numbers dip sat/sun as people are not at work browsing the net catching up on the fishing gossip. I then noticed that the infamous “Trout n […]