A bit of a walk up Beinn Dubh

A bit of a walk is an understatement actually.
As yesterday was for lots of food and drink as it was barbeque weather (no fishing as it was to hot) and today it was time to work a bit of that excess off with a bit of hill walking. We decided to tackle Beinn Dubh and the horseshoe which is about 692m (2270 feet). In the book it said it was a steady, but not difficult, climb but at one point I felt we were nearly vertical.
fale summit
However, we had plenty of stops to appreciate the view of Loch Lomond and also that little thrill each time we came upon a false summit kept us going.

I was elated to make it to the top…
…whilst Claire was a little more sedate
We then walked around the horseshoe curving to the left around Glen Striddle and round to an unnamed top (655m 2184 feet) and then a nice descent.
It was great walking along the horseshoe, it was almost as if this was the reward for all our hard work walking up the hill, which essentially it was as there is no way you could get views like this if you did not climb it (well possibly if you had a baloon)
ballon ?
It was then a nice walk along Glen Luss where I possibly burnt all the back of my legs and then back to my house for another barbeque.
If you are interested in finding good walks around Glasgow we use this book.
One Hundred Hill Walks Around Glasgow: Essential Guide to Hill Walking in Central Scotland (One Hundred Walks)
It has 100 walks (hill walks) with a little hand drawn map, with short cuts if it is raining or you are fatigued. It even gives you handy places to park.
Anyway, I have made plans to attack the Kelvin full force with a couple of pals tommorrow, I had my little bamboo rod out for the first time this season the other day but it was a little windy to get any fishing done. Should still be hot tommorrow but late afternoon should see trout rising…..lokking forward to it!


  1. mike · June 4, 2006

    That’s a nice walk. Was up there a couple months back (dragged out a parent) and there are some grand views over Lomand and up to the Arrochars.

  2. Alistair · June 4, 2006

    Aye, it is a lovely walk….bit silly to forget to put sunblock on my calfs though 🙁

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