The Brack

Seeing as how it was such a nice day weather wise, my wife and I decided to choose a walk out of the Pathfinder book we had bought last year.

The walks are split up into three sections – easy, medium and hard. I chose one of the hard ones a 10 mile walk around The Brack

Wikipedia says:

The Brack is a mountain, located in the Arrochar Alps, around the Loch Goil to Glen Croe area. The second peak can been seen around about Loch Long, and the main peak can been seen around about Glen Croe and Loch Goil. It is on the Ardgoil range, which is located on the east and north east side of Loch Goil and the west side of Loch Long until the lochs join at the bottom of Loch Goil. The Brack is connected by ridges to Ben Donich and Cnoc Coinnich. The Brack is over 2500ft and is known to have been a corbbet. The Brack is surrounded with huge mountains that rise towards 3000ft. It is much harder to climb The Brack from lochgoilhead, but it is also harder from Glen Croe. The mountain is steep, rocky and susceptible to landslides. Glen Croe, Arrochar Alps, Ardgartan and Loch Goil are home to Pine Martens and eagles because of the rugged terrain.

Sounds lovely doesnt it ?
The walk I chose did not take us up The Brack but around it, here I am at the beginning of our little journey.

I look quite happy don’t I? The Pathfinder guide describes the walk as “an interesting walk with no strenuous climbs”
Approximately 5 miles after that picture was taken I was thinking of writing to pathfinder with an alternative description.

Still once we got over the initial hell it did turn out quite pleasant – ironically the short cut was the ascent of The Brock itself.

The forecast is for sunshine the whole weekend – I am not sure how that will effect the Olive hatches – maybe we will see more trout rising than last week – a week at this time of year can make a huge difference.