Any room in your bothy brother?

I was browsing around looking for the usual knick knacks that one may need for a day on the river and found myself perusing the survival area of Outwood Sports. I find myself looking at stuff that I may want however do not actually need. A classic example is the Lifesystems Survival Bothy.

For around […]

Walking Boots.

I have had the same pair of walking boots for over ten years. They have seen me through walking when I have been at work, walking to Uni, up and down countless hills and have been on many a fishing trip when waders have not been required. In my mind they still look prefect and […]

Sunday walk

Long time no speak – first frost this morning down my way – car was frozen and the central heating kicked in – the temp will drop to minus fifteen in no time … out for a walk with the family just now .. here are some pictures.. fishing tomorrow morning for salmon – the […]

Final part

I hope you enjoyed my walk!

Part eighteen

You might not see them in the picture however there is I large shoal ….

Part seventeen!

Now at the canal ! Will try and spot a shoal of roach

Part sixteen !

The curse of city fishing! This is also where I cut off … I will walk down to the canal from here!

Part fifteen

Did I tell you I am doing this whole walk with the boy?

Part fourteen

The slush!

Part thirteen!

Could be anywhere- the high flats give it away though!

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