Saturday Sea Fishing – Man Shit!

A family barbeque was scheduled however I had other plans arranged ā€“ awesome man shit was required. And why the man shit? ā€“ because fishing in the Sea is all about big rods and smelly bait (and also checking your nuts for ticks but that comes later).

Block was applied – […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-27

never too young to hold a rod .. # First day back at work after a fortnight break ! # On my way home from a sea fishing trip … lots of doggy action ! We all love a bit of doggy! #

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Tenuous Fishing Photos 25/52

Continuing with my weekly tenuous fishing photos we have an actual picture of the holy grail of Urban Anglers.

Yes – it is the mighty Glasgow Parks Code – a code, nay a set of laws handed down to users of the parks in this dear green place.

This picture was snapped after I […]

River Kelvin – Teenager drowns trying to save friend

I suppose I should comment on this – for those that do not know a thirteen year old boy drowned on Saturday evening while playing with friends.

ITN News

BBC News

STV News

Declan Shanley, from Summerston in Glasgow, was swept away […]

Tenuous Fishing Photos 24/52

Back from my camping trip – very little fishing actually done however it was great being away and discovering new ways of enjoying water – who would have thought making stones go sploosh would have been so much fun.


Speaking of father/son bonding sessions I see that today is in fact Fathers […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

Getting ready for a camping trip – cunningly chose a site near water! # Loving camping in the lake district! Home tomorrow! Booo! # It is still roasting hot – what is this, some kind of summer ? #

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Dusk – flat calm!

What is it they say – the biggerthere the wave the bigger the fly – well there is no wave and my flies are tiny. I am sitting here beside this lovely wee lake typing this – I will post it when I get some kind of reception on my phone. It has been boiling […]

Lake district fishing!

Had a few casts in the blazing sunshine – needless to say I caught bugger all however that was not really the point. Fin enjoyed swinging around the rod as well …. Tonight is for a bbq and then an hour on a local tiny lake!


Tenuous Fishing Photos 22 & 23/52

Yes -they are bloody missing – people can stop emailing me about it. For those not in the know my tenuous fishing photo project was a picture a week of something vaguely to do with my fishing – more often than not it was something that stopped me from going fishing – seeing as how […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-13

Pouring rain can only mean one thing – sea beasts in the salt! Eta 8pm # Heading home from the salt … lost a sea trout! # Planninp on hitting the kelvin this evening – anyone want to join me? # Cold east wind …overcast though…what you think? # RT @kelvinmeadow URGENT! Objections to […]