What NOT to do if you ever go to the Glasgow Angling Centre open weekend

Okay so it is my first weekend free after being back at work – I wanted to continue my anglingtastic extravaganza after the Friday nights shenanigans so I visited the Glasgow Angling Centre today as it was the open day – tragically it all went horribly wrong – as usual I have worked out how and am willing to share my analysis with you – here is my handy list of what not to do if you ever go along to a GAC open day:

1. Take your wife/partner/other ball n’ chain as well as newborn first child.
2. Promise to only spend a maximum of one hour browsing the goodies and looking at fly tyers.
3. Forget to charge your camera.
4. Ask John Wilson if you can have your photo taken next to him.
5. Take your visa card.

Firstly, your wife/partner/other ball n’ chain will not enjoy it – sure I know some of us are blessed with understanding women however when you have just sacrificed two evenings to fishing clubs (and then talked about it non stop) maybe you should not drag them along stating that they will “really dig this foreign dudes flies”  Your baby will not be happy iether – even if you cannot stop thinking of those tiny wee fingers and how well they could handly size 28 dry flies (not to mention those young keen eyes)

Secondly one hour is not enough – especially if you want to have a listen to what all the reps have got to say – nuff said!

To be fair three and four are kind of linked – seeing John Wilson standing talking to an GAC  employee I sidled up to him and asked for a quick photo – “not right now” he said “I am in the middle of something” – he then walked off (Paul Young on the other had would have not only had his photo taken with you he would also have taken you out for a pint and then stuck you in a taxi at the end of the night, possibly) – that is the last time I watch your show I seethed. Anyway, I took one photo of a rather good fly tier and was then about to zoom in on the flies when my camera died. I suppose taking around 600 photos of my first born son will do that.


I then cursed (not really) John Wilson for not being more organised with his holiday snaps (or whatever it was he was getting ready to show)

Not sure whether the GAC would want me to advise you not to take your visa card however be aware it is very difficult not to buy stuff – especially when you get free gear along with it.

In a nutshell – this really is a day out – which I suppose is why they spread it out over three days – still got Sunday to go though. If, unlike me, you are not chained to domestic bliss you could do some odd jobs around the house to earn some time down at the centre – or start early for the next open weekend

If John Wilson reads this the only way he can make amends is by sending me a signed photo stating “urbanflyfisher.com – hotter than my ass”

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