Broken SLT – returns process started.

So I mailed Gary Wingate at the Glasgow Angling Centre about my broken Sage SLT and the answer was “bring it in and we will deal with it for you”

The Glasgow Angling Centre for folk not in the UK and the Americans is this islands biggest fishing shop, it is actually a nice place which over the years I have warmed to as it now has a bit of character about it. The guys are always polite and willing to give some advice.

I am kinda kicking myself now as I did not take any photos of the broken tip (for science) however have managed to create a fairly accurate representation of the process.

Sage, unlike Hardy/Greys will actually take your old rod section and either mend it or make a new one for you however I am not going to drag up that old chestnut again. I have 6-10 weeks to wait until the rod comes back however I do not think I would be using it much anyway unless I went Grayling fishing. I think I will be having a bash at the Pike over the next few weeks anyways.

It is the Glasgow Angling Centre open weekend on Saturday and Sunday (I actually thought Friday was part of it as well so looked like a bit of a chump however that must be the Spring one) and I am hoping to head down for some of the fun at some point – even if it is just to try and blank John Wilson if he is there.

Have a good weekend – hopefully I will either see you at the Glasgow Angling Centre or the Kelvin Work Party where we will be attacking stuff with chainsaws.

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