What is this?

I was fishing using a wee jig off a breakwater when I again caught a fish – this one was even bigger than the other one. I had cast out and twitched it back , the fish had slammed into it and put a fair old bend in my rod.

I sent the picture to a fishing buddy as it looked different from the one I caught the other day and it turned out it was a Codling again only more red.

Another Codling

Another Codling

It was very cold, around 12.5 degrees so if you factor in the wind chill it was maybe around 8 degrees. I was wearing shorts and a light jumper so decided soon after this fish just to head up the road. Also my foot was throbbing as I had slipped on some rocks and banged it – it now has a painful throbbing lump.

Caution required!

Caution required!

I want to catch a Wrasse and I think I know where to get one now, problem today was the wind which made keeping in contact with my wee light 2g jiggy thingy difficult. When I got home though there was some more [amazon_link id=”B004XV0MUA” target=”_blank” ]Marukyu Power Isome [/amazon_link] waiting for me – got some in pink this time as well.

Planning on a weekend trip up to another Highland river when I get a chance. In the meantime it will be racking up the species with this wee outfit in the salt. Funny thing is that the Codling took so close that I reckon you could catch one on the fly given half a chance. Something for the future perhaps?


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  1. Andy Tucker · June 19, 2015

    Hi good to see you posting a bot more often . That little cod has been spending its time in the kelp beds there is always a fair number of little red fellas about in the summer habitat and food give it the colour.

  2. Alistair · June 19, 2015

    Hi Andy, baby three is now a month old so am starting to emerge again. Saying that it is very cold up here and does not really make me want to get out and about. Today it was hovering around the 12 degrees point but like I say wind chill took some right off that.

    Never fear I have not gone far.


  3. Connor · June 19, 2015

    Hi Alistair, I catch a lot of small red codling as well as coalies and pollack close in all around Gareloch when Sea Trout fishing in summer. A tungsten beaded flashy lure with a small bright coral and yellow wet fly on the dropper usually lures them right in and at night in late June and July you’ll often take them right off the surface with wake flies like you would a Trout. Great fun, try it with a 5 or 6wt, a 2lb coalie or codling is great fun on the fly. Jigging for them at this time of year usually racks up better numbers than on the fly.