What goes around…

There are those I imahine that would lump us anglers in with people like this….

BRITAIN’S most notorious collector of rare birds’ eggs died when he fell from a tree while examining a nest, an inquest has heard.

Colin Watson, 62, climbed three-quarters of the way up a 40ft larch tree before falling to his death.

A coroner’s court was told he died from a punctured heart and multiple rib fractures sustained during the fall in woods near Doncaster, Yorkshire, on 24 May.

The coroner yesterday recorded a verdict of accidental death and said it was not his role to examine why Mr Watson had climbed the tree.

Earlier, Watson’s friend, David Sargent, told the inquest how the men had been walking in the woods before the accident.

“Colin said ‘That looks like a sparrowhawk’s nest’ and he said he’d climb the tree to see if there was anything in the nest,” Mr Sargent said.

“I was not paying much attention. Then I heard the sound of breaking branches and a thud.”

Mr Watson travelled the country trying to add to his collection of rare birds’ eggs.

He had a series of convictions for activities prohibited under the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act. These included taking golden eagles’ eggs from near Inverness, attempting to do the same near Perth and of possessing snipe eggs in Lerwick.

During a raid on his home in 1985, the RSPB found more than 2,200 eggs, including those of a golden eagle, osprey and sparrowhawk.

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However, the good that anglers do for the environment and the fact that if the fish is not returned it is killed to be eaten is certainly a justifiable way of defending our sport. But egg collecting ?

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  1. Trout Underground · August 30, 2006

    What an odd story. And yes, it’s hard to feel sorry for the bugger. Anyone who’s stolen rare bird eggs to satisfy a collecting urge isn’t exactly the sharpest fly in the box…

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