Walking Boots.

I have had the same pair of walking boots for over ten years. They have seen me through walking when I have been at work, walking to Uni, up and down countless hills and have been on many a fishing trip when waders have not been required. In my mind they still look prefect and they do not leak however when I put them on my wife rolls her eyes and says something about looking like an old tramp.

I think they look rather fetching in shorts.

Sadly this year I did not get a chance to get out camping and wear my boots, well there was one overnight on Loch Lomond however all it did was whet my appetite and then it rained for the rest of the summer.  Anyway, I have pretty much decided to get myself a new pair of boots for the winter and hopefully for the next ten years. My boots were a simple cheap pair of Berghaus, I did not pay over the odds for them and in fact the updated pair of Berghaus Explorer Trek look a reasonable  “just under a”   hundred bucks over at Springfield Camping.

New Boots – I want them!

If these bad boys last me ten years I will be happy – ten pounds a year for a pair of boots is my kind of bargain. Plus, I want to get my boys up the hills for some fresh air action so I suppose a new pair of boots would come in handy seeing as how no doubt I will be carrying them like a pack horse.

Oh the joys!




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  1. ChuckG (also flyfishingprof) · September 25, 2012

    I realize you’re probably into buying only local, but at looked at Amazon.uk and the same boots are about £48 online.

  2. Paul R · September 25, 2012

    Not too keen on Berghaus boots. I always feel the build quality looks poor. Maybe they were better 10 years ago? Last 2 pairs have been Salomon, before that I always bought Scarpa. However my first pair of Salomons became what I consider to be one of my best buys ever. Still have them and only got a new pair because they looked a bit scruffy and I needed to pick a birthday present. Too early to say with the new pair, but they look and feel the part so far.