Upstream Dry!

To be honest Im not bothered about the actual size of the fish that i catch. I mean, when i do catch a big trout im happy….like very happy but usually I get a lot of enjoyment out of catching a tricky fish. I was fishing dry and was casting upstream when I seen a fish rise just the once underneath some branches about a few inches from a submerged log. It was difficult. I kept at it for a good 20 mins correcting my cast untill eventually the moment came when it was perfect. When the time came I knew the fish would take it and it did. It was around 6 inches long and perfect in every way. I caught around 4-5 that size.
The water still had that tan colour to it, not as much though and im glad I kept fishing.
I allso fell today. The high water has meant that alot of the stones are slimy ……….I got quite a fright….I ended up on my side next to some packing crates…..I thought my rod was broken but I was lucky this time. Damn near peed myself.

Later I caught another nice fish. A lot bigger than the others and it was jumping around all over the place. I was quite worried about it actually as it took a wee while to recover. I cradled it for a good few mins untill it had recovered enough to swim off…….
holding fish
Probably to smoke a nice cigar or something.
The stretch at the vet school was extremely busy today.