Top Form

Well, the Kelvin was on absolutely top form this evening.

It was a warm muggy day, hovering around 20 degrees with cloud cover and the occasional smattering of rain. Going by my water level app the Kelvin was at a nice height, up a few inches and it had that lovely earthy smell that gives it the name “Smelly Kelly”. Not that it is a bad smell as it is actually from rotting vegetation allegedly. Whatever, when I smell it I know I am in for a good one and it came up trumps as usual.

Smelly Kelly

I actually fished at a few locations, sticking the rod in the car and driving from place to place – fishing several stretches from the bottom of the botanics right up the river several kilometres.

The trout were consistent in all the pools…

With some lovely ones amongst the smaller ones…

I was using a standard dry and dropper and the trout were equally taking both. The only annoying thing was I lost a couple of nymphs and realised that I really need to tie some up. By tie some up all I really do is wrap some wire around a hook, the trout seem to love the simplicity of it.

Just because…

One thing I noticed on a lot of the trout I was catching was some kind of parasite on their backs and heads. it was like a wee jelly like thing that was easily flicked off. I remember someone asking about it on the River Kelvin Fishers Facebook group so I will have a hunt their to find the answer.

You can see it on the head of the trout.

If you know what it is leave a comment here or in the River Kelvin Fishers Group.

Edit – turns out it is Argulus. Freshwater fish louse . Argulus is a common parasite of freshwater fish, found in fisheries throughout the UK. Adult lice are flat, round, jelly-likeparasites that feed on skin and mucus. Heavy infections can quickly cause irritation, condition loss and death

What always gets me is that you have know idea how big a trout is by the size of the rise. Big splashes end up tiddlers and tiny sips end up as good half pounders.

Tiny riser

Another thing I noticed in a lot of the big deep pools was the number of Salmon splashing around. I think I counted at least 5 spread from the West End right up the river several kilometres.

I finished the evening at a rising trout in some slow deep water. One of those sporadic trout that has far too long to gaze at your fly. I cast a few times and it too my klink on the third cast.

I headed home in the fading light.


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  1. Chuck Graves · July 16, 2019

    Alistair, Those are some nice fish! As for the ‘thingy’ on top of the one fish. It may be a parasite called a myxozoan . If it is, it could be bad news. In the link I’ve provided below it says. “…myxozoan literally drives the fish crazy, causing a “whirling disease” that robs the fish of any control of its behavior…” I may be wrong though. I’m not sure how big they actually get.


  2. Chuck Graves · July 16, 2019

    hey! where’s the link?