The Luggie, the Kelvin and a lost phone!

So I have in fact had an eventful week or so which did in fact involve some fishing.

A bridge over the Luggie..

A bridge over the Luggie..

I met Jim Burns down at a wee bridge over the Luggie as it is now on the Kelvin permit. I have been getting messages from @JBrownisky on Twitter who has been letting me know about pollution incidents as well as enticing me with tales of rising trout so I was keen to try it out. Paul Reid also said he had fished the stretch we were at so I knew we were not completely onto plums.

It transpired however that we were in fact onto plums as we spotted nary a trout spotted as we stoated along green paths at the height of summer.

The sun is strong just now in the summer sky...

The sun is strong just now in the summer sky…

Of course all the action is at dusk just now, sure you will see some trout during the day and you may even catch some however if you want the real action it is spooky and scary dusk where you must be.

We bolted from the Luggie straight to the Kelvin, we were there for half eight.

Last photo of the evening, story will follow.....

Last photo of the evening, story will follow…..

We fished up the Kelvin and it was plain old weird. We caught a few trout and at dark we went wandering through the bushes until we got back to the cars. The police stopped us and asked us a few questions as they thought we were both carrying guns instead of fishing rods and it was at this point I realized my phone was missing. We had a highly amusing period of time when we tried to phone it and ended up phoning Alan Atkins (chair of the rkaa) mistakenly. I decided the phone was gone and headed up the road, by this point it was pitch black and there was no point in heading through the bushes to try and find it. I was mourning the loss of my phone pretty badly as it has a phenomenal amount of pictures on it of my kids and wife. I also use it for browsing the web pretty much at every moment I am bored as well as checking my emails,updating this blog, updating twitter and adding posts to my new facebook page. I also use it for listening to audiobooks and using the Sat Nav.I also use the camera when out fishing and of course use it to bug the hell out my pals during the day when they should be working by phoning them for a fishy natter. It is a [amazon_link id=”B004NNU9YM” target=”_blank” ]HTC Desire S [/amazon_link] which even though not top of the range has done me fine over the last year.

It was then I realised one of my buddies had text me asking where I was fishing, like a thousand times before it I had taken my phone out the wader pouch, looked at it and then put it back in. That was the last time I remembered having my phone. So, I got up at first light (after going to bed at 1am) and headed to the river. It was 4am and the river could not have looked any more beautiful. I found my phone in a foot of water where it must have been for the last six hours. Of course it is totally gubbed however I was able to pull all my photos and SIM card from it and thank goodness I had some kind of insurance even though it was only through my Halifax Bank Account . So it has been sent away to be assessed and I am hoping the transaction will be nice and easy. I will update you when i know. I suppose I have been lucky all these years so really cannot complain.

Oh, I got out fishing after work today and it was pretty shite!

Some sessions are just like that!



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  1. flyfishingprof · June 21, 2013

    Bummer about the phone. I was wondering why the pictures had an interesting color. Nice shots. Maybe you should drop it in the water every time. 😉

  2. Alistair · June 21, 2013

    Hey Chuck, nah I just ran the photos through a filter to see what would happen. The camera on the phone is totally gubbed.77

    Where has your blog gone?

  3. dave c · June 21, 2013

    That insurance is alot o pish fae the halifax BOS you must pre register your phones emi numbers and 30 quid excess and as for the luggie gross waste of money not worth fishing

  4. North East Fly Fisherman · June 21, 2013

    Alistair – invest £20 in one of these when you get your new phone:

    They make them to suit most phones I think.

    I live in fear of dunking my phone, thid thing solves the problem perfectly. Hang it round your neck, never have to take it off (or out of the pouch) whilst your fishing. Simples!

  5. Alistair · June 21, 2013

    Actually Dave you are wrong on both counts. You do not need to pre register your phone and as the Luggie is one of our tributaries it makes perfect sense to buy the lease before someone else does. Additionally one of my pals went for a walk along it and it was hoaching with trout.


  6. JP2 · June 21, 2013

    You kids nowadays with your apps and GPS and putting your life and info on a plastic toy no more waterproof than a 70s Fiat….Why back in MY day rant rant, rant drivel, spew……There…had to get my inner Luddite out…Glad you found yer phone,I just turn mine OFF and use my little waterproof Canon for pics..if needed…..