The Kelvin Angling Association AGM is Friday 27th Feb at 7pm – Expect the Unexpected!

The Kelvin Angling Association  AGM is Friday 27th Feb at 7pm  – You can see what my views on the direction of the club should be here: River Kelvin Wishlist Take Two – Let us see how many changes take place which are in line with my wishlist!

You can check out what people are saying in the forum: Kelvin AGM update

This will be the the biggest and most important AGM in the history of the club – expect there to be changes made due to the sheer will of the anglers that care about the river! I love the fact that people all over the world read about the trials and tribulations of this wee river – so famous that a temperature scale was named after it – I bet most people think it is a cooincidence!

If you fish the Kelvin tell your pals about my wee forum dedicated to the Kelvin – by far it is the most popular part out of all the sections – I always see a few members browsing alongside several guests – if you are a guest do not be afraid to log in – not only does it make me feel good and other members less lonely it will get you used to actually staying logged in – in the coming weeks I will be changing over to a system where you will not be able to see the posts without being logged in – makes you all feel a little special eh?

If you have not posted yet – head over and Introduce yourself

Anyway, I think the forum has been a great success – it is the number one place for people to visit who fish the river with well over 100 members in a very short time – obviously the rumour that you can buy soft drugs on the forum helped a great deal however most of the seekers decided to stick around!

And now a note from my sponsor – none other than Lord Kelvin himself


See you on Friday!


  1. mike · February 25, 2009


    I’m now seriously jealous Alistair. How the hell did you pull off a sponsor like that?

    mike’s last blog post..Must see BBC film (the Pacific salmon run)

  2. Andy C · February 25, 2009

    soft drugs 4 sale ?? where iv no heard that 1

  3. Alistair · February 25, 2009

    Mike – Oh me and the Lord go waaaaaaay back!

    Andy C – usual time, usual place!

  4. ANDY C · February 25, 2009

    can u fill me in with the details iv never heard that b4 it mostly alkees that iv seen on the water or init but i can tell you that iv never been offerd 2 buy drugs off of anybody that iv met at any time it was mostly plp ofering cans of beer and thats doon the bottom end WTF is going on up the top end ?

  5. Alistair · February 25, 2009

    Im am joking Andy – JOKING!!

  6. peter · February 25, 2009

    Got back into Glasgow early Sat. morning and have been reading some of your posts on AGM.I
    agree with most of it,but some bits don`t sit well.We now have a club secretary whose only attribute seemed to be that, he badgered the committee.Who nominated and seconded him and was this all pre-planned before the meeting? Also (please don`t take offence)but last time you were on the committee,you(in your own words,)took the huff,instead of fighting the on issues you believed in, which raises the question of whether or not you should have taken the post on again.Neither do you do your credibility any good by talking about being sworn to secrecy on matters relating to the AGM, prior to the meeting.Surely as members,if there was no collusion involved, everyone should have been made aware of the information?
    regards Peter.

  7. Alistair · February 25, 2009

    Aye – all good points Peter – can I just point out that nothing was pre planned at all.

    When I say I took “the huff” I was sick of fighting my corner as I had done so for two years and constantly came up against people who said the changes were not possible. I then discovered the people who did not like the changes were no longer involved – a quick call to Euan cleared up a few points and I liked what he was proposing – knowing that I was a blabbermouth he did not want me to say anything on the blog however I fet a bit of drama to get people along to the AGM was needed so hence my sworn to secrecy comment!

    Anyway – point taken.

    As for Paul being the secretary – it was a case of the age old rule that he who shouts loudest gets given the keys (or in this case he who asks pertinant questions and has a sensible brain in their head) I had never met Paul before and to be honest I am happy with the post in his hands – and so would you be if you were at the AGM.

    I do not think you realise just what a state the commitee is/was in – changes had to be made and they were – why dont you join the commitee and take up the treasurer post?


  8. Paul R · February 25, 2009

    Hi Peter, thanks for your comments regarding the AGM.
    At the meeting there were many that had concerns, and there were even more as the extent of the problems unfolded before us. It’s difficult to explain to someone that wasn’t there, but there was an obvious need for action.
    It was never my intention to go for a position on the committee, however I did have issues regarding some of the members, and given the opportunity I would have volunteered.
    With regards to my attributes, I’d like to think I have more than 1 (although badgering the committee is more of a trait). However I’m not one for blowing my own trumpet, so I’m certainly not going to start on an open forum. Anyone who would like to know more about me, or would like to assess my capabilities, is welcome to get in touch or arrange a meet. I make no excuses for asking questions or expressing opinions at the AGM, that is exactly what that type of forum is for.
    With regards to Alistairs appointment it was always my intention to beg him to rejoin the committee, to represent the younger members and all those that read his blog. Although I had not met him before the AGM it was obvious to me that he is passionate about the river, and through his blog shows a level of intelligence and commitment that is greater than most.
    If the numbers present at the AGM and the readers of this site reflect the overall views of the KAA majority, then I’m sure I speak for almost everyone when I say that Alistairs appointment is a good move.
    Peter, if you fancy a chat over a coffee/pint then I’m always open to it, although I prefer the later.

  9. peter · February 25, 2009

    Hi Paul, First of all,I`ve fished the river for 6-7 years now,but in that time I`ve seen absolutely nothing done to improve it.In fact I would say that more in one outing than RKAA have done in all that time.I first mentioned to Alistair 5 years ago the need for signs along the Kelvin,yet 5 years on —?.I feel passionate about the river, and feel you may too. I questioned your appointment,because it seemed to be a typical knee- jerk reaction to a chaotic situation.I questioned Alistair`s commitment purely on the basis, that he was seemingly the only one on that committee with any worthwhile ideas.I do have an inkling of what he was up against,from phone calls I made to Mr.Brown,but thought he gave up too quickly.Having got this off my chest, I`d like to congratulate both of you, and wish you well in your new posts.
    regards Peter.

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