The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Three sessions my friends and each one could not have been any more different.

You may have noticed it has been some days since I last posted and those living on this fine wee island will know that due to a lack of hurricanes the Gulf Stream has not been shifted South to give us some warmer settled weather. It has rained, and rained and then we had a nice day when the rivers were out of action and then it rained some more. Still, some folk have been having fun with the salmon however I am still stuck in trout mode .

So like I say, three trips …

The Good = The Eden

So while on a weeks holiday to Centr Parks in the Lake District I had hoped to fish with the legendary North Country Angler like I did last year at around this time however he passed by me on the same day I zoomed down the M74 on the way to Skye.

Anyway, it rained for a solid two days while I was at Centre Parcs zipping around on the bike pulling a trailer with the kids in the back. I was looking at a webcam of the river pretty much every hour or so and it looked ok on my chosen day.

On the day in question (it was the last evening) I was allowed to zip off early and kinda knew the river was going to be a lot higher than the last time I had fished it – I was correct and after a brief chat to the keeper who I think thought I was wasting my time I had my first cast. I decided straight away that a single dry was not going to work so an oversized Klink was used as a sacrificial fly with a nymph suspended underneath.

That is a funny camera smudge…

I pretty much immediately watched my oversize klink get pulled under the water as my phone started to ring – it proceeded to ring as a monster of a trout took me for a stroll around the pool – it then pinged off. I answered the phone and it was fishing buddy Alex, after a brief chat he totally understood that I wanted to get back into the fishing and the phone was once more put back in the pocket.

Losing fish was the general order of things for the next hour until I put on a nymph with a barb – at this point the trout stayed on.

I have never really had many problems with losing trout on barbless however on this day it was every trout ..

A nice Eden Trout!

I thought after the first couple of hours of catching trout that I was being a bit flukey however Matt had obviously given them a very stern talking to and they were playing ball pretty much all evening.

I hold my fish in my left hand!

It was pretty fantastic if the truth be told – it is not that often I get to fish places that are relatively untouched by City living and I am glad I got the best day for it.

A View from the River!

There was only a few places I could actually fish as the water was so fast and very powerful..

As the evening wore on I started to see rising trout so snipped off the nymph and started to consistently catch them on dries.

I was waist deep in water with trees behind me with rising trout just out of reach of my roll cast – I managed one of them and could not get near the rest.

I was starting to get a bit blase about catching pounders…

Sadly I never landed any of the bruisers that I connected with and I did not mind as it was a fine days fishing – by bruisers I mean the big boys, the big cheese the cream of the crop – you know what I mean.

Even my leaky waders which caused a soaking wet foot and leg did not dampen my spirits! The water was really squelching in my left foot and my crotch felt decidedly wet.

It didn’t half chaff!

Anyway, an example of the big trout problem might be when I was casting for a riser and noticed a teeny weeny dimple a few yards upstream of it – I decided to cast to the dimple so that I was covering it as well – kinda like a two for one deal. I cast, covered it and the trout took my fly, I struck and then stood there with a bend in my rod as the trout just sat there in the water wondering just what the hell was going on – the bend in my rod did not even move the beast. It gave a shake of its head and my fly was gone.

That happened a few times.

These trout are in tip top condition…

All in all it was a great session – already I am planning a weekend camping trip back down South.


The Bad = The Kelvin

I went for a walk through Kelvingrove Park on Saturday and even though the river was high and the color of tea I thought I spotted a rising trout. I headed out on Saturday night for a few hours of catching Kelvin trout after my new found enthusiasm from the Eden for nymphs.

Quite frankly it was totally shite and I caught bugger all and this was after working hard up my usual haunt.

Even my wet foot and leg pissed me right off as it was extra specially wet and cold, drying the damn things out in the kitchen caused a war as well.

I got the aquasure out and coated the heel after submerging it in water as I noticed a few bubbles coming from their – somehow the stuff got on to the kitchen chairs. More bad news for my wife.

The Ugly = Shit Pipe River

I had not fished my shit pipe river since last season – there was something weird going on with it then as it turned white which turned all the trout off – just plain weird. Nobody knew what it was and I got SEPA involved.

Well today I had a spare hour after work as I was out that way and decided to try out the patch on my waders.

Shit Pipes !

I worked my way up some pools with a single dry and did not even see a trout – it was a little higher than normal and with a sigh decided to try a nymph – first cast and I was into a real rod bender..

A real rod bender – possibly fed on sewage!

I worked my way up the pool and striking quickly when my klink was jerked under I had another angry fat trout to contend with – it bounced all over the pool – I decided to get my measuring tape out and it came in at around 12.5 inches..

I bet you would love my fat 12.5 incher ?

The trout from this river are always fat and silvery with lovely big spots – I always get a shock when I see them compared to the actual stream itself – they just do not look as if they should fit in or something – they just do not suit the stream.

The problem with driving to this river is you just do not know if it is going to be that weird white way or not which makes it an unsure bet if other rivers are out of action !

So far my foot appeared to stay dry!

Of course, we now have more days of heavy rain heading our way! In the meantime I have a Polaroid review to post.

What have you guys been up to?


I really enjoy reading your comments - say something!

  1. Allan Hutton · July 16, 2012

    Some really nice troot there Alastair. Well done!

  2. Matt E · July 16, 2012

    Nice work squire! From the looks of the photos it was on the border of fishability – you did well in tough conditions!

  3. Jim Burns · July 16, 2012

    Nice border trout Alistair. When you phoned on Saturday could tell you had had a good time on the Eden.Shit pipe trout looks great, by the way have found some nice big trout on the Kelvin was out tonight and had a fantastic night. Best one must have been about 2lb or over. Had 7 that came to the hand but the bigger ones came within a rods length and got off. A lot of old trollies and other junk at this part of river the bigger fish headed straight for this and used it to their advantage. Was using a big grey klink just as the light was going 10pm /10.30. SOD this rain river the was just about geting back to prime condition

  4. Alistair · July 16, 2012

    Thanks Allan – I was not too far away from your loch yesterday 🙂

    Matt – again you are star, many thanks for the guest ticket. I had been looking forwrad to fishing your river again since the last time. I am glad we have firmed something up again sooner this time.

    Jim – I kinda thought last night might have been good however I was stuck in watching Twilight (which has absolutely no fishing in it and is shite by the way)I am kicking myself now as it looks as if rain is forecast for the next couple of days – my better half is on nghtshift tonight so I will be at home.

  5. Emanuele · July 16, 2012

    hi Mr.
    as you can see.. south of the border the trout are bigger and plentiful…
    just a pity you had to deploy such controversial methods to catch them……. 🙂
    just kidding. Well done

  6. Craigie · July 16, 2012

    Good looking fish Alistair! Have been out on the Kelvin the last 3 nights with varied success – definitely on a steep learning curve. Had Jim for an audience on Sunday night(nice to meet you Jim – hopefully you got a laugh out of watching me miss fish!)

    Also had my first unpleasant Kelvin experience when a traffic cone came sailing over the Kelvindale bridge last night, swiftly followed by the rest of the road closure paraphenalia and signage. Twats

  7. ChuckG · July 16, 2012

    Beautiful hover of trout there Alistair. What have I been up to…? Went lake fishing this weekend, but with no camera. Managed to catch a couple of bass, and some wee pan fish.

    Big problem, I managed to snap the end on two of my best rods. That one you fished while I was in Glasgow, and another 4 weight. This will be costing me a pretty penny since the expensive one is not under warranty.

  8. Jim Burns · July 16, 2012

    Craigie it was nice to meet you but I was willing you to get that fish at the tree, you came close. You have to be careful fishing below the bridges. Diversion sign below Kirklee Rd bridge as well. These clowns have no idea of the consequences.
    Alistair you were watching Twilight while I was fishing by twilight, that’s when the bigger fish give themselves away but you don’t get long before the light goes and you have to make your way out of the river.
    OUCH! Chuck two rods in one season I would be crying. Had one snap on me a couple of seasons ago I turned the air at the Kelvin blue when it happened.

  9. Alistair · July 16, 2012

    Emanuele – nice of you to drop by, I still fish with you – every time I am after a spooky trout I hear an Italian accent whispering in my ear “smaller, smaller,smaller”

    Craigie – I take it that road is open now? 😉

    Chuck – OUCH!!!

    Jim – I am kicking myself now however I have earned some points – you fancy a Clyde evening session this weekend? Friday or Saturday?

  10. Jim Burns · July 16, 2012

    Would be up for evening session Alistair. Saturday would be good send me a text.

  11. Alistair · July 16, 2012

    I think my plans may be wrecked – hopefully the Kelvin will drop !

  12. Mark · July 16, 2012

    Well done some good looking trout in that bag.
    I was considering doing some wild fishing on one of the next couple of weekends. Maybe take a tent and a bag of “food” up to the Highlands and find a “wee” loch to fish and camp beside. Can anyone recommend anywhere where there may be some “action” of the fishing kind?

  13. Alistair · July 16, 2012

    Loch ba ?

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