1. Saw what i reckoned to be a couple of nice sea-trout having a go at the weir at q.m.d-the season starts here.Was also talking to a dry fly fisher who was fishing the runs below,and he seemed to have done quite well having good success with what looked like a klinkhammer-wulff variant!

  2. Thanks for that news Charlie – funny you should say that though as i was gagging to get to the river today – unfortunetly work commitments got in the way but I could nit help but feel we are getting a “proper” spring !

    You see plenty of Olives and rising trout ?

  3. Yes alistair-it was a great spring day,there were lots of dark olives hatching-but i think the trout were on the emerging insects,as the rises were more like sub-surface boils,as opposed to slashy surface takes.Also seen a largish fish take an olive on wednesday just above the tidal waters-may have been a pounder!

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