Season Blunders

Middle of the summer I went up to Ullapool for a few nights camping. The car was stuffed full of camping stuff and their was barely any room for my youngest. I had a split decision to make about what fishing gear to take and decided on my beachcaster. Of course now I realise if I had got into this Light Rock Fishing slightly earlier then this would have been amazing what with the nice rocks around. However considering the times I got to fish being wrong and the distinct lack of bait I was thoroughly skunked.

I also did not take any trout gear whatsoever.

That is correct, you can hardly spit up their without hitting a trout in a loch and I did not take my trout gear.

But hey ho, it’s not just about the fishing eh?

By Day....
By Day….
By dusk....
By dusk….


  1. You should get one of those roof boxes for your car. They are big enough to store 2 kids, maybe 3, it frees up the back seats for waders, float tube and wet socks. Like the facelift by the way!

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