Random Photo Friday…

It is Friday again, no fishing for me as I shall be driving 300 miles to Birmingham this evening. If you want to cheer me up you can  use the comments, forum or Facebook to let me know what you guys are up to.

Here is a random photo of the Kelvin to keep you going, I hope you guys get out and fish..

Park Life!
Park Life!

Enjoy your fishing!


  1. Shall be fishing the Bow River in Calgary this evening, although my British approach isn’t being very productive… Thanks for the post!

  2. I shall be spending most of saturday creating a multi media presentation. Having it take 8hrs to render, then finding out I’ve made a spelling mistake and having to render all over again. Hopefully a fathers day treat of picnic by the river (with sly session too) on Sunday.

  3. Hey Alistair just seen you response – shall we say I’m here for the time being. You may have seen the floods on the news, sadly my fishing is out for a few weeks but other’s have faired far worse.

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