1. ^^ and its much cheaper!! ^^

    Had mine for about 10 years and its kinda falling apart, spent too long on the bog I suppose!

  2. Good Grief – I just looked at the price – that is scandelous – I bought mine off Amazon for a tenner!

    I am pretty sure if someone puts there mind to it the book can be bought cheaper elsewhere!

    darthwader – you owe me a Pike trip 🙂

  3. My copy came from amazon only a few months ago and I can assure you it wasn’t 50 quid! Can just imagine the wifes face if she thought I had spent £50 on a fishing book!!! It’s hard enough convincing her that a rod should cost that. 🙂

  4. Yup,He’s bringing a cameraman along.Staying in Sweden for 3 days and fishing with myself & my Vision team mate, then we’re coming over here to fish the Merikarvia river mouth and stay at the Eumer lodge, then up to Replot for 5 days.

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