Tenuous Fishing Photos 17/52

This is a picture from last Sunday – sewage leaking into the river from an old pipe. This was reported to SEPA last year as well.


This kind of shit makes our rivers stink and drives people away – it is pretty bad for the fish and insect life as well.

Serious action must be taken – if SEPA will do nothing I may just hit that pipe with some cement and a tree trunk – who is with me boys?

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Tenuous Fishing Photos 16/52

I appear to have missed last weeks tenuous fishing photo – so here it is here – if you follow me on Twitter you have probably already seen this however to me it was an important moment – finally after months of freezing temps and many long minutes spent river gazing I finally spotted some trout rising in a wee burn on the way to my work.

Trout Rising

Sure – they were pretty small trout – however it was the first one of the year – it was also 0730 in the morning.

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Scott Loudon Fly Casting Tuition

You might not have noticed this but I tend to spend a lot of time on the net trawling through fishing forums – I also love the fact that people have read this blog and become involved enough to actually post comments and email me.

I also love it when someone I have watched develop their fishing technique starts answering the questions instead of asking them.

I have watched Scott develop his casting from afar for quite some time – he regularly leaves  comments here and I always noticed his postings at all the forums that I post in – I then heard he was attending the Glasgow Casting Club and was attempting to go for his instructors qualification.

Next thing I know suddenly he has his own website and is saving up cash to bolt off to New Zealand to become  a Trout Bum –

He is ginger - like all the best Scottish people

He offers a “variety of services” (ooer missus) however most people here will probably want to take him up on his casting lessons before he comes back from New Zealand £20 more expensive.

If you have just taken up fly fishing due to the Sunday fly only rule on the Kelvin I recommend you give Scott a buzz – you will start to catch fish straight away instead of having a  season where you cannot get your fly where it is needed to be – lessons are not as expensive as you might think.

You can contact Scott through his website :

Scott Loudon Fly Casting Tuition

He is also a regular at the Glasgow Casting Club!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-25

  • The gods have made it rain and cold! Is volcanic ash the problem? #
  • Just seen my first trout of the year rise … it was on a wee burn I pass on the way to work! http://twitgoo.com/p85li #
  • Rio heard my complaints about tippet and kindly sent me some to review! #

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Slow Start – First Trout!

It has been a slow start to the season – I was full of enthusiasm on Sunday when I hit the Kelvin as I fully expected to see a major March Brown hatch (possibly) however I learned later that all the fly action had pretty much ceased – it turned out the trout did not even look at the flies sailing over their heads.

I kidded myself on for an hour with a single dry and then started using the duo – I had absolutely no takes. It was only when I came to a deep pool that something tried to sip down my indicator dry.

Deep Pool

Within a few casts I finally had a trout – it took the nymph..

A Trout

Ok – it was a tiny trout – but it was my first trout of the new season and saved the day – it filled me full of hope – suddenly that wee pool seemed full of fish as my indicator was yanked down every other cast – I was never quick enough and only managed another one around half the size of the first.

The water was still cold, I did not see any flies – I suspect we will need to wait another couple of weeks yet before the trout actually start looking up for their food.

It is the same every year though – suddenly I will get emails from folk saying they had great sessions down the river.

Usually when I am stuck at work!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-18

  • Going to Glasgow angling centre to buy tippet … but what make? #
  • Two chaps say Rio.. that will be next if the current frog hair turns into mush! #
  • Drinking red wine and eating tapas! #
  • Drinking too much wine .. people are questioning my ability to fish tomorrow! #
  • Now moved on to the rum! #
  • Head spinning .. just left a pub… well a cattle market if the truth be told! #

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Tenuous Fishing Photos 15/52

Do they need to get any more tenuous than this..


Where do people use this stuff?

And what do trout think it is?

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Last Sunday..

You would have thought I could have been a bit quicker with this post however I not only managed to lose my camera charger I also managed to lose my camera data cable – I found the data cable tonight so managed to transfer some photos .

It might LOOK like Summer but just look at those trees

It was roasting – the hottest day of the year so far, I mean it was nearly 20 degrees going by the car temp thingy and it felt like it when the sun hit you on the face – it feels even odder as a couple of weeks ago it was still sub zero temperatures – people are saying that the trout don’t care but from what I am hearing they do care – they care a lot and are pretty scunnered by it all – they are demonstrating this by being damn near uncatchable – or even more scary missing.

Sure we did not see any flies however you would have thought we would at least have fluked a trout – actually – we did see one fly – I think it might be a male LDO – anyone fancy confirming this?

What's that fly?

Still, I ventured out with Alan (Vice Chair of the KAA) – he had already hit the Clyde the day before and totally blanked so we were optimistic the Kelvin would come up trumps – it did not – we did not even see a trout rise – he was using nymphs and I (ever the optimist) was using a single dry.

Secretly my plan was to move to nymphs as soon as he started catching however there was definitely no catching happening – we covered water and moved up to the Vet School.


I seldom visit the Vet School as it is usually one of the busiest stretches of the Kelvin however now that a fly only on a Sunday rule has been implemented I decided to give it a bash – also Paul Reid the secretary phoned from his sick bed to ask us to check it out for guys fishing bait – there is still a few guys not paying heed to the new rule – over the coming months the Sunday fishing rule will be pretty strictly enforced – I would not want to be around when the Salmon are running and a guy is fishing bait on a Sunday. Anyway – Paul had been moaning that hardly any Kelvin anglers had turned up for the first FORK clean up day (1st one my boy had chicken pox and the 2nd I had man shit to do regarding my shed) so we thought we had better do our bit as committee members and head up there – we were pleasantly surprised – everyone we met were fishing the fly – I even managed to give away a few flies to a young chap who had only just started fishing the fly again after a number of years – he put me in mind of Mike from Tamanawis when I first met him all those years ago.

Off yer' trolley!

We caught bugger all in the Vet School as well as our other spot– guys were telling us that the river had better be stocked soon or people were not going to stick around, guys were going to fisheries instead – good, I am glad at that – the fishing should remain consistent as long as good practice is used – if guys can only catch trout that has been stocked then there is something far wrong somewhere – like I say, we caught bugger all at the Vet school.

It was then time to head home and play with the boy.

The Boy

Stuff I need to get sorted:

I have no tippet material – I know it was a long shot but 3 spools of Stroft went bad over the winter – three spools went bad in the space of a couple of months last Spring. Is there such a thing as a Tippet that does not go bad in a few months – trust me throw out any tippet that is older than 6 months – you could lose the fish of a lifetime because of it. I have noticed when tippet goes bad it does not all go bad – it goes bad bit by bit, so a few feet might be ok and then a few feet might be bad – the one bit you test could be the ok bit – throw it out.

I need to stop giving flies to random people – I need to learn that if I have absolutely no time to tie flies I need to try and conserve the 8 flies I have left – I need to bite the bullet and stop going to bed at 8pm and tie some flies – small ones just to keep my fishing buddies happy.

Anyway – I hear that we will have volcanic ash falling on us this weekend as well as more snow – enjoy the fishing boys, enjoy the fishing!

Tenuous Fishing Photos 14/52

I should really try and get these out earlier than the end of the week – next week (tomorrow or today if you are reading this on Monday) will be the 15th week which should be pretty interesting as the trout season is now under way – I only have one problem – I have somehow managed to lose my camera battery charger and lead to transfer photos on to my computer – I will get it sorted though – what makes it even more annoying is the fact I went fishing today and am now unable to get the photos to you guys – ah well.

Which brings us to the 13th tenuous fishing photo – I tried to take a photo of my son through this bit of stone work using my new HTC Hero Android Smartphone however it takes so long to take a picture he had started to move off…

Tenuous Fishing Photos 13/52

Anyone who fishes the Kelvin should know this stonework – leave your guesses in the comments.

By the way – I cannot believe nobody noticed my my one a week tenuous fishing photos included two for week twelve – actually it was just the numbers that got mixed up.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-11

  • Is set lining just a Scotland thing-sticking a worm and a weight on some line and chucking it into a river or lake does not seem fun to me! #
  • The river leven.. another urban river .. http://twitgoo.com/nap7q #
  • For the love god I need to catch a trout ! #
  • I just had a clash of the Titans battle involving a huge wasp, 3 spiders and a bird while cleaning out my shed #
  • Seriously was trying to get the wasp out with a brush then it was attacked by three spiders I think the bird was interested in the spiders! #

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