Spring Mode: Prepare to engage!


Another book from my bookshelf!

This one is all about dry fly fishing – I bought mine second hand without a cover in a wee bookshop on Otago lane .

(the picture is an affiliate link to Amazon)

I see you can now buy it for the princely sum of 1p plus a couple of bucks postage. Good thing about books is you can read em’ on the toilet a lot easier than a laptop.

It covers pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about fishing with a dry fly – including leaders, lines, rods, rise forms etc.

I like it.

Evening Sessions…


Paul Young and dinosaurs…

At the last Kelvin opening day Paul Young had the good fortune to be introduced to my son and his dinosaur!

At the last Kelvin opening day Paul Young had the good fortune to be introduced to my son and his dinosaur!

I know a place..

As big as your leg..


Presented without comment...

Presented without comment…

Scouting ..

Out for a walk with the family today to try and shake off some of the winter cobwebs.

I took the opportunity to check out a wee burn I have only ever driven past. The water looked crystal clear even with the snowmelt. Rumours are that it holds some Sea Trout and Salmon. I wonder about trout?

My most favourite sight…

For some chaps it is the bend of their rod or the bobbing of a float.

For me it is this..

Rising Trout

Does stuff like this happen to everybody?

I have no idea - liquid evil possibly?

I have no idea – liquid evil possibly?

January Springwatch

Never let it be said I am not an optimist however I was playing in the garden with the boys today and experienced two signs of Spring. My youngest called me over to the first.

The boy spots something...

I had to peer through my Winter fog brain however I noticed some more sprouting up elsewhere in the garden.


Signs of life?

They are a bit early by a good month (or two) however when I was talking to the boys about spring we then heard a woodpecker drumming away on a tree which is another sign of approaching Spring. Out on my morning run jog this morning I was nearly tripping over mole hills.

I have been doing some Spring stuff on the old blog as well, changing fonts and what not. I have also been making some posts over of the Urban Fly Fisher facebook page, mostly trawling through my archives for stuff that I enjoyed writing that I want to show off. If you would like to see that content when you are looking up pals etc please like it here.

I wonder if nature knows something we do not?

I bloody hope so, an early spring would be nice.


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