House of Bruar Single Malt

I have only been into the House of Bruar shop a few times and have always kinda liked it. My wife has always wanted to stop and shop  when we have been heading North so she can look at the clothes. I get to skulk off to the fishing section to have a waggle of the rods. She ends up buying presents for people and I as usual am not allowed to buy anything.

So when I was contacted to review something from the shop I decided on the thing that would possibly get me into the most trouble – a bottle of single malt whisky.

And also some rather fine sounding marmalade.

Now there is actually a slight issue with this as quite frankly I am a total amateur when it comes to whisky. My experience so far involves asking for a whisky in bars and accepting any old thing they give me, being at a pals house and being offered “the good stuff” attending the Kelvin opening ceremony and drinking stuff that the secretary brings and of course the stuff that my fishing buddy Alex gives me which is usually excellent.

When it comes to marmalade however I am totally the man!

So the pressure was on!

House of Bruar say:

The House of Bruar Premium 3 Fruits Marmalade is produced by a team of skilled artisan producers, who do not use any flavourings or perservatives. Our jam is packed with the most exciting citrus fruits, lemon, orange & grapefruit. It is made without pectin unlike 99% of all other preserves on the market today making it a brilliant all year round Marmalade packed with fresh zesty fruit.

The House of Bruar 10 Year Old Speyside Single Malt Whisky is a firm favorite with our chairman. Being produced a few miles north of our location , The Whisky itself is typically elegant with a subtle smoky taste, with a warm and smooth finish. A must have for any hip flask when out on the hill.

What did this Vice Chairman think?

When I spoke to Alex about it he told me it will be another whisky that they have re-branded and he could probably tell me what it is if I let him taste it however due to new drink driving laws and the fact that I did not want to take a bottle of whisky along to the Glasgow Angling Center open day I would have to take his word for it.

I opened it and found a rather nice cork keeping the liquid in. I poured a good measure and then took a few sips. A smoky taste? I think so! A warm and smooth finish? Left a bit of a burn to be honest but so does most whisky! I poured another measure and stuck on some toast for the marmalade. As I was waiting I finished off the first “nip” and poured another, in for a penny in for a pound n’ all that. I poured another glass as I spread a generous amount of  marmalade on my toast.

That is the best goddamn marmalade I have ever tasted.

I topped up my glass and stuck on another bit of toast, this time making sure to get the delicious marmalade right to the edge. I thought it would be interesting to alternate a few sips of the whisky with the marmalade.

It was probably around this point that my heavily pregnant wife walked in to find that I had drank a quarter of the bottle of whisky and eaten half a jar of marmalade.

I will be quite happy with this fine drink in my hip flask toasting the chairman of House of Bruar.

Meanwhile I am on toast and marmalade duties for my wife as punishment as she refused to believe that a fishing website should review whisky!

Spring Mode: Prepare to engage!


Another book from my bookshelf!

This one is all about dry fly fishing – I bought mine second hand without a cover in a wee bookshop on Otago lane .

(the picture is an affiliate link to Amazon)

I see you can now buy it for the princely sum of 1p plus a couple of bucks postage. Good thing about books is you can read em’ on the toilet a lot easier than a laptop.

It covers pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about fishing with a dry fly – including leaders, lines, rods, rise forms etc.

I like it.

Evening Sessions…


Paul Young and dinosaurs…

At the last Kelvin opening day Paul Young had the good fortune to be introduced to my son and his dinosaur!

At the last Kelvin opening day Paul Young had the good fortune to be introduced to my son and his dinosaur!

I know a place..

As big as your leg..


Presented without comment...

Presented without comment…

Scouting ..

Out for a walk with the family today to try and shake off some of the winter cobwebs.

I took the opportunity to check out a wee burn I have only ever driven past. The water looked crystal clear even with the snowmelt. Rumours are that it holds some Sea Trout and Salmon. I wonder about trout?

My most favourite sight…

For some chaps it is the bend of their rod or the bobbing of a float.

For me it is this..

Rising Trout

Does stuff like this happen to everybody?

I have no idea - liquid evil possibly?

I have no idea – liquid evil possibly?

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