Tenuous Fishing Photos 11/52

It is a pile of litter next to a burn..

You guys that follow me on Twitter have already seen this photo during the week – I have been taking pictures of litter next to water – this wee bridge goes over a burn somewhere and is used as a dumping ground by the looks of things.

I want to fish the burn – it holds trout.

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First week of the season eh?

Loads of people are going on about this being the first week of the season – it does not look like it to me to be honest – I mean it is bloody freezing out there, well not freezing like -15 however a pretty chilly 8-10 degrees – and it has only been like that for a few days – we need a good consistent spell of mild weather to see any kind of action – saying that I am perfectly willing to be out-fished by anyone willing to put the time in.

Anyway – I have been getting my fishy fix in other ways:

[singlepic id=106 w=320 h=240 float=center]

I popped along to the annual Glasgow Angling Centre opening day last week and ran into none other than long time reader and fishing presenter Paul Young:

[singlepic id=99 w=320 h=240 float=center]

A true gent of the angling world (unlike John Wilson who blanked me last year) – this time we promised to meet up and have a fish (we have been threatening this for years now)

Browsing around the offers I noticed a rather good deal on powerbait – 2 for 1-  the chap from Fulling Mill gave me funny looks for this photo:

[singlepic id=109 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Speaking of dodgy shit – I was wandering up an isle when I ran into The River Kelvin Angling Association Secretary Paul Reid idly fingering a gaff:

[singlepic id=98 w=320 h=240 float=center]

I jest, I jest – it was a set up – I made him hold the gaff just for the picture – just in case anyone takes it seriously out there.  We actually hunted around the shop to get a picture of him with some  rod rests however they were either not on sale or they were sold out!

Instead we went for a wander out to the casting area and then to the canal and enjoyed some of those loops…

[singlepic id=104 w=320 h=240 float=center]

That wee casting area is growing on me actually..

[singlepic id=102 w=320 h=240 float=center]

I met finally and spoke for a while to Steve Cooper of Cookshill Fly Tying and this is where things get a bit spooky – totally unknown to me someone was taking my picture.

I look good from behind...

That is right – Hillend Dabbler thought he would dish out some of my own medicine by snapping a photo of me and posting it in the forum. I suppose it is slightly less spooky than when my now fishing buddy Campbell sent me an email before he was my fishing buddy that stated “I was behind you in the queue in Ikea”

I also watched Davie McPhail tye up some of his flies:

[singlepic id=108 w=320 h=240 float=center]

All in all it was the usual extravaganza that the GAC put on looking forward to the next one already – I managed to get through the whole day without not spending a penny – at the time that seemed good however now I realise I have no tapered leaders or tippet so am pretty screwed.

Ah well!

Tenuous Fishing Photos 10/52

Ha – you guys thought I had forgot eh?

I thought for my tenth tenuous fishing pic I would post a pic that I took the other day and posted to twitter – it is a pic of a little burn I pass most days on the way to work and am sure it deserves a cast – I imagine there are a few tiny trout that should be caught just the once.


Of course tomorrow everything changes – it is the first day of the trout season here in Scotland – nobody has told the trout though #grin#

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Would you eat human flesh?

I mean seriously – lets say it was an experiment totally sanctioned by the health board right – lets say they needed a half dozen people to eat a slice of human flesh for some totally unknown reason – you are not actually told what the reason is other than the test is not whether you will eat it or not – it is something to do with chemicals in your stomach or something.

This is not about extreme conditions where you have got to – this is about a  moral decision.

A picture of the Fine Young Cannibals - slightly less horrifying than some of the pictures I found!

If your initial instinct is to say “yes what the heck” have a serious think about it – maybe with a bit of cooked chicken on your fork.

Would you?

Could you?

Urban Fly Fisher on Twitter

I have decided to embrace the whole twitter revolution – witter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets – the main reason I am embracing it as I have a fancy new phone which allows me to use the service easily.

I intend to use it for wee short updates on what I discover on my day to day travels – you can check them out in real time by looking at the left hand sidebar and they are at the bottom.

I like the fact I can just take a photo of something and then share it instantly with you guys.

If you are using twitter you can follow me here.

Tenuous Fishing Photos 9/52

I had to attend some training the other day in Clydebank – for those that do not know Clydebank is a pretty major town on the banks of the River Clyde of which the Kelvin is a tributary.

Anyway, I was walking towards my destination and two fully grown deer datrted out across the road.

There is one deer in this picture - can you see it?

It was a lovely experience and made my day.

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Glasgow Angling Centre Opening Weekend – this weekend!

You know the trout season is just around the corner when the Glasgow Angling Centre have an opening day ..I was having a gander at the invited guests and guess who I spotted was missing

No John Wilson..

That’s right – John Wilson will not be attending – that in itself should be a crowd pleaser considering he blanked me last year – left me clutching my camera like a chump next to a huge stack of his holiday photos while he wandered off to get a cup of tea or something – not that I can hold a grudge for years or anything (actually I can) however I then went home and wiped all his programmes from my V+ box.

The legendary Paul Young will be in attendance – if you send me a photo of you standing next to Paul Young I will post it without question.

I am pretty sure it will be another event where I will be required to leave my wallet at home by my better half (thank God for cash).

It is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Glasgow Angling Centre

El Conio The Magnificent

What do you get if you cross some first year art school students with some litter and a traffic cone?

You get “El Conio The Magnificent” an explanation of how traffic cones end up in the River Kelvin.

Oh to be a student again – it was a simpler time!

Tenuous Fishing Photos 8/52

Even better than actual fishing:

Giant steps are what you take...

Teaching my son to walk on weird Lanzarote grass.

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Do you want to join my Urban Alliance?

This is a three part post – today the setup and later  all going well will be the reveal – I will then give you a bit of time to think before I act. This will be a hard task my friends – I do not want to say at this stage what it is however rest assured that I do not think “short term”

The explanation and reveal has three parts as I have a big job ahead of me – I intend to form an angling alliance. I need all my readers to come with me on this journey  – even the crazy one!

It seems like any old bunch of self important wannabes group of pals can get together with a common goal and cobble a website together and call themselves a fishing club – so why not me?

Exactly – why not?

I remember being a wee boy and forming “clubs” with pals – never gangs as they were scary and we were not allowed to be in gangs by our Mothers – clubs were OK as you get “Youth Clubs” however “Youth Gangs” take on a whole new meaning – probably involving tattoos and smoking wacky backy.

My Mother would not have approved!

So as kids wee boys have “Dungeon and Dragons” clubs or simply the  “play in the woods”  club. As they get older things get a little more complicated and wee boys join more “official” clubs like the Boys Brigade or the Scouts and you begin to see there is a hierarchy in clubs that is adhered to (usually).

Later in life boys might go on and join even more serious clubs like the Masons or even the BBC and things get even more complicated and wee boys ruffle their feathers with kid on importance.

So what makes people join clubs, and what makes a club tick?

A Reason..

Well – a reason for the club to be actually in existence is a start – lets just talk about fishing clubs though or we will be here all day.

It could be a club centred around a reservoir, a river, a part of a river, a stretch of a canal, an area of coast line, a sea angling club etc  – there are many examples of groups of guys just banding together and calling themselves a club – some take themselves far too seriously while others are more down to earth and get on with the job of being excellent fisherman.

Generally the worse angler they are the more seriously they take their own club.

The reason for my club will be shown in part two – which is a moon away yet – lets just say it takes Urban to a whole new level – that’s right – a whole new level!

Lets look at the punters and how to rule them..

Structure of the Regime

A club usually has a structure – if the club is big it should have a “Office Bearers” as big clubs need serious people to run them like a treasurer and Presidents or Chairman etc – The Kelvin Angling Association is slightly different as it is not a club – it is an association of anglers working together for the common good.

Beware of small clubs only made up of office bearers and a few hangers on- they will probably think they are something special when in actual fact they are just a group of desperadoes. Ideally the people in charge should not be best pals – you need a healthy distrust of each other to get shit done.

I am expecting a huge influx of members in my alliance so will need a suitable title for the man in charge – there will be no President or Vice President though – no Chairman etc – it shall be run with an iron fist by a power hungry spin doctoring dictator.

I will give you one guess who it shall be?

That’s correct – moi – the only person I trust enough to give this awesome responsibility is myself.

Do not worry my friends I will be a benevolent dictator and will cater for everyone …

NO Sexual Discrimination

NO Sexual Discrimination in the club

I will need some ground rules for my followers members..

Rules ( A Constitution)

I wont lie to you – I have had some experience in creating constitutions – a constitution is essentially a blue print of how the alliance will operate. They are usually used to gain funding from the National Lottery or to prove that you are a proper club to someone/ anyone that will listen – however do not trust a fishing club constitution in times of strife as they are essentially one big lie in the wrong hands.

However I jest (or do I) – being the natural leader of my new alliance I shall give forth some basic commandments for my serfs members.


I have work ahead of me – my new alliance will require a detailed explanation of what it involves – it must have a reason (a place), a structure (possible dictatorship) and rules (just in case any bugger decides to play silly buggers)

I wont lie to you – I have an idea for all three – I have a place arranged (well half arranged), a structure (a dictatorship) and rules (one rule)

If I asked you right now to join would you do it?

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