Developer Hugh Reid about to f*ck with the Kelvin – not on our watch!

Developer Hugh Scott has applied for the Kelvin River Wildlife/Green corridor to be repealed.

This is quite possibly the start of a process which could eventually lead to buildings all along the banks of the Kelvin which will destroy all access to the river and cause irreparable damage to the already recovering habitat.

Under his company, Highlander House, the developer has submitted proposals to GCC to end the Kelvin River wildlife corridor, which runs along the river bank linking Kelvingrove Park to the Botanic Gardens. This is a very good pool and run where many anglers have caught Salmon and good sized trout.

Recently Labour councilors on the council’s planning applications committee voted unanimously to grant plans to build an unprecedentedly large building complex on Otago Lane. Residents and business owners have been exploring legal options so as to challenge the decision. Amongst a myriad of breaches of protocol and planning policy it appears the designated corridor was completely ignored as an issue in the report to the planning committee, along with the relevant rules protecting green space. This provides strong grounds for taking the decision to grant to judicial review. We believe that the developer plans to neutralize this as an issue by proposing the annulment of the wildlife corridor, another backdoor tactic. As we know from experience, the DRS cannot be relied upon to protect the heritage and wildlife of this city.

Your support is now needed to object to this proposal, to protect the river and Otago Lane.

You can show your support very easily  by sending a simple letter and or email. Remember to include:

• Your name

• Postal and email address

• The proposal’s designated number: PROP0049

• The grounds on which your comments are based (e.g. Scottish Planning Policy 11) see below for relevant environmental policies links:…/Environment/ENV01.htm…/Environment/ENV08.htm…/Environment/ENV17.htm

A sample letter can be found here, to help you draft your own.

Please send your letter to:

Development Plan Team, D.R.S., GlasgowCity Council, 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX

Or email:


Wee Bags

To complement the minimalist style of Tenkara I was thinking of obtaining some kind of new bag. Obviously all I need to stick in it will be some tippet, flies, car keys and possibly a mobile phone. I was thinking of using an old camera case however when thinking about it I decided it would swing around too much especially if I was bending over and crouching a lot as you do on small streams. I quite fancied a bum bag however it may still be a little big.
I found this dinky wee belt bag (Lifeventure mini belt pack) which looks just the part over at E-Outdoor for £14 which not only is good for holding the gear but is good for watching the old wallet as well.

It looks like it is a nice slim profile to just stick at your side for when it is needed.

Stick a Hardy logo on that bad boy and it would cost you £50

Freaky Friday Fishing Photos!

Welcome to Friday!

Autumn Emails..

I love getting emails from you guys:

Hello Alistair i have fished that wee burn in redacted  since i was a lad you should try from its source up at the redacted there is some nice deep pools and runs up that way below the redacted


Gordon is of course referring to the wee burn that saved the 2nd half of the season for me after all that horrible watery stuff falling out the sky.

It just so happens that I am planning on heading up my my wee urban hidden in plain site burn next season – I am looking forward to sharing it with you guys!

A picture lower down in the burn…

I always think that the burns look totally fishless at this time of year however they must still be there feeding away as and when required. So far the weather has been pretty mild and I could have swore I spotted some olives drifting around the other day.

I love looking at all the interesting looking fungus that springs up, anyone know what this is?

I suspect if you ate this you may have an interesting couple of days, and then die!




Any room in your bothy brother?

I was browsing around looking for the usual knick knacks that one may need for a day on the river and found myself perusing the survival area of Outwood Sports. I find myself looking at stuff that I may want however do not actually need.
A classic example is the Lifesystems Survival Bothy.

For around forty bucks you get survival bothy for up to 12 people which is seemingly ideal as emergency protection from the elements for a group of hikers or mountaineers and I assume anglers. Ideal for those that get lost in the hills when hunting for distant lochs.
I am reminded of a story I read on a forum about a couple of anglers who knew the route to a distant loch extremely well, it was halfway up a mountain. As they were coming down the mountain fog descended however they knew exactly where they were going. They met a group of hill walkers with all the gear: backpacks, walking sticks, massive jackets and dressed up for what looked like an artic exhibition, they were also very lost. They looked at the couple of anglers, dressed in waders and a T-shirt’s walking purposefully forward and after a bit of thought asked for some advice.
The two anglers gave them the best advice on how to get back down the mountain and went on their way. Later they wondered about the stories the walkers would recount about the couple of crazies they met on a distant hill.

The fly fishing Prof hits the net..

It is always nice when a new blog starts up however it can leave one feeling a wee bit lonely waiting for some visitors.


The man in action..

The Fly Fishing Prof is the brand spanking new website of Charles Graves the dedicated man who traveled half way across Europe to fish the mighty Kelvin.

He is hugely photogenic as well…

Check him out – The Fly Fishing Prof.




On Cameras..

I have had my eyes on getting a new camera for a while now.
Over the years I have had a lot of cameras; my first camera was a wee credit card sized thing that cost around £12 off Ebay. You just plugged it into the computer and the pictures were there. I had one so cheap as I was nervous about it falling in the water and it getting destroyed. It was attached to me by a piece of string that hung around my neck. I have had other cheap cameras over the years and they have always been fine for taking the odd photograph however over the last few years I have wanted something with a bit more clout. I got an Olympus waterproof camera a few years ago and it was ok however I have noticed that the quality of the pictures in the evenings has always been a bit poor. I get a bit annoyed that the camera on my phone takes better pictures than it does sometimes.
At the moment I have borrowed a non-waterproof compact camera from my sister that takes great pictures however I am totally paranoid that I drop it in the water.
So I have found a waterproof camera over at Uttings that looks pretty sweet, a Nikon Coolpix AW100 16MP Camera (Camo).

It is really Camo!

They say:

The COOLPIX AW100 – ready for the great outdoors.

  • Waterproof, shockproof and freeze-proof
  • 16 megapixel back illuminated CMOS image sensor
  • Action Control lets you operate the camera with one hand
  • Built-in Global Positioning System (GPS), electronic compass and world map

I am not sure how annoyed I would be after the camera survived being dropped in the water, frozen and then run over by my car to lose it in the grass but hey, it’s a Nikon. I suppose that is where the Global Positioning System comes into play? At least it will know where it is. I recently got another Nikon strictly for non-angling activities and it is great so like the look of this one.

All joking aside it looks like the best of the bunch out there. Nikon offered to send me one for a few months to try it out however I decided giving it back would hurt too much so declined.

Now added to the Christmas list!

Kelvinography (back of a truck)

We have not had one of these in while I said to myself as I took this picture when I was stopped at some traffic lights.


As you can see, a company has decided to call themselves after the mighty K.

Kelvinography is the name of spotting stuff named after the Kelvin.


I have met hundreds of people fishing the Kelvin over the years.

All different types of people and all from different backgrounds. I have met guys who are super intelligent and people I am surprised that they managed to negotiate their way on to a bus to get to the river. I have met arrogant guys  who try and tell me that they know it all and try and belittle others even though their lack of knowledge is evident and I have met humble guys who will tell me how good a fisher I am compared to them before totally out-fishing me yet still being a nice guy about it.

This season I was standing next to a great pool on the Kelvin and a couple of guys who were trying to…….I don’t know, impress me with their fishing knowledge and skill told me the trout rising out in front of us was “just a tiddler“. I watched that trout break the surface a dozen times as they tried to justify set lining and I would swear it was not an ounce under a pound.

Some of the guys I met years ago now do not appear to fish the river – I used to meet this guy all the time..

Wish I could remember his name…

He used to trot for trout with a float outfit and was a great fisher, total catch and release all the way. He was English and would always stop for a chat. I met a lot of guys back then , I see none of them now. Some guys I meet now tell me they have been fishing the Kelvin “for years” however I never used to meet them.  Some of them it is because they fished further upstream than me and sometimes it is just bullshit.

I hear a lot of bullshit!

Over the last few years I have witnessed an increase in guys who feel they need to be aggressive when approached. Correction, they feel the need to be aggressive when simply having a chat about fish never mind being asked about permits.  Gladly I think these guys are in the minority.

Some Wank mags, maggots and an Asda bag!

Speaking of humble guys I met someone a couple of seasons ago at a popular part of the river. I met him at the same  place and roughly the same time every evening – dusk.

You see, this guy was fishing my banker spot. The place where I knew I would see some action at dusk. I cannot remember his name however I can remember that he wore a pair of sandshoes, jeans and got to the river on a bike. He used a fly rod and fly and spoke to me about the amount of trout he had caught since he had started fishing their at dusk. He loved it, he marvelled at the size of trout he had caught after I had described using a dry and dropper and I gave him some flies – anyone with that much enthusiasm should be encouraged.  What made this guy interesting was when I pointed out a rising trout just upstream of me and he told me he could not cast for it. Why? I asked. It was because he was standing on two rocks and he could only cast accurately from just that spot. You see, their was a long bank of trees behind us apart from just immediately behind us where their was a break – he had worked out that his back cast could slip just between these two trees while perched on that rock. He could place the fly maybe in roughly a line about a yard wide and the river wide.

He caught lots of trout, and loved it.

This is a random old photo of “somewhere” on the Kelvin catchment, if you can tell me where this is you get to come fishing with me!
My solitude is safe…(Note huge dragonfly on hat)

In other news I received a voice mail message from the Glasgow Angling Centre – my broken Sage SLT is ready to be picked up. That my friends is what I call fast efficient and great service, not just from Sage but from the Glasgow Angling Centre. I would get a photo of me picking it up if I did not look so shady with a camera in a fishing shop. Greys/Hardy should take note  about that warranty experience – maybe  they would not be going bust if they tried to keep their customers happy eh?

At some point I need to officially launch the  Urban Fly Fisher River Kelvin Forum , although I may just let it sit their until next year for the ten year anniversary of this blog.

Let me know what you think!


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