This made me smile…

Kelvin account opened – 5/2

Bugger it!

All this talk of freezing cold temps and slow start to the season has really gotten on my goat. Consequently I decided that enough was enough and it was actually time to cast a fly and have  a look for myself.  After work I bolted to the river to find it looking barren and incredibly unfishy. However the temps were around 8/9 degrees and it did actually feel warm when the sun came out. I walked up the pool until I spotted a rising trout, and then another and then another.

Barren of leaves!

Barren of leaves!

Game On!

I strung up my rod, stuck on a fly and cast. I covered the trout a couple of times before it took and I was too slow in striking. I covered another one and it was a belter, it went bananas all over the pool before becoming free. In the end I connectedwith five and lost two. I covered some more and at one point while I was standing in the water waiting on the trout rising again a chap with his girlfriend in tow scrambled down to the river on the opposite bank. He then lifted a log and launched it into the river around 100m upstream of me. The waves washed down the pool for a few hundred meters. I asked him not to do it again and he told me to “fuck off”. Still, he put his 2nd log down and wandered off with his bird. There had been a mighty clash of testosterone and my chastisement of the boy was obviously enough – hopefully his girlfriend will see him for the lout he is and not breed.

As usual photos do not do trout justice!

As usual photos do not do trout justice!

The first trout that I landed was due to a rather heroic cast of about 30 feet upstream and across the river to a spooky trout – it took 2nd cast. Not bad for someone that has not picked up a rod in 6 months. The 2nd trout however just spun around as I brought it to hand, as I examined it I realised that it was still in pretty poor condition. It was long and slim.

Another fine bit of camera work there Mr. Stewart!

Another fine bit of camera work there Mr. Stewart!

I wandered up and down for a bit and then walked up to the car. Even though it was quite chilly it was also pretty sunny and bright, I was still glad I had my woolly hat on instead of the baseball cap that I usually wear.


The problem with this stretch is the amount of fallen trees in the river, I mean they are good for the flow and cover however they are fly magnets.

As I walked up to the car I was glad that I had got out. As I drove up the road I could not help but think about Iain M Banks who has sadly announced that he has cancer and is unlikely to live out the year. I have read his books since my teens and was kinda shocked when I read the news today.

You just don’t know the minute!

*basically a trout looked at my fly or I lost it. 

One of my favorite old Spring photos, I parked the car at the West End to meet this fella on the windscreen!


There used to be…

Not long ago on the Kelvin there used to be not that many guys fishing the river for trout. Sometimes I would go whole months without meeting another fly angler..

Urban fly fishing on the kelvin..

Urban fly fishing on the Kelvin..

I give a wry smile to myself when I meet guys who say they have been fishing the river “for years”. I was lucky enough just 10 years ago (pre children)  to be able to spend every day on the river at various times. It all depended on my wife and her shift patterns however few days of the season were not covered – I hardly met a soul.

On this night it rained...

On this night it rained…

The last time I moved home we were lucky enough to just have to shift our stuff a few hundred yards from a flat to a house. That was around 8 years ago. Now again we have our home on the market and are looking elsewhere for a new family home. There is a hint of apprehension in all this as I know exactly how long it takes me to get to various parts of the river from my home just now. I have worked out how long it takes me to get home from work and what stops I can make along the way at the river yet still get home at a reasonable time without there being any incidents. When looking at areas and houses I look for that blue line that tells me there is some kind of fishing not far from me. At least all the areas we are looking at still has the Kelvin within striking distance although at one point we were thinking of moving so far out the city that I was almost going to take up Salmon fishing. Still, the upper Kelvin and the newly acquired Luggie were in easy striking distance so I was not too fussed.

Out for a run today and it did look quite nice, met a few anglers as well.

We are going hunting boys!

Once the afternoon looked as if it was heating up some I got the boys into their warm coats and headed along to the Kelvin. I had heard stories of trout in some rivers still responding to olives even though it was snowing and wanted to see if I was being premature in dismissing the river and fishing it until the temp creeps up next weekend.

It looked pretty fine.

Looking upstream from below Dawsholm

Looking upstream – if something rises on this whole stretch you see it.

Every now and again the sun would come out and I would feel it on my face, likewise every now and again the wind would pick up and my hands would be freezing. The boys would look a bit grumpy as well. I decided that if I was going to spot a rising trout it was going to be today, I had a sneaky feeling I would see one (or possibly two)

I set the boys at every opportunity to looking for olives and rising trout…

"Stand next to that rusty fence with the big gaps and look at the splashy water down below - if you see any trout give me a holler"

“Stand next to that rusty fence with the big gaps and look at the splashy water down below – if you see any trout give me a holler”

Annoyingly they kept on throwing stones and sticks into the water which eventually became infectious as I began to throw stones at the water as well – it was actually one helluva lot more fun than what you might think.

We walked a bit up the river and I gazed and spots that I just knew would hold trout..

I can tell people have fished this pool last year due to the path next to it, once the bushes grow in you will not see it anymore!

I can tell people have fished this pool last year due to the path next to it, once the bushes grow in you will not see it anymore!

Eventually we stopped off at what used to be one of my favorite pools on the river.  People like to think that this pool was always fished however it really was not. back in the day on the bridge every weekend would find a new burnt out car on it and the whole area was just a little bit dodgy. If you have a look at the “Urban Fly Fishing on the Kelvin” site you will see a picture of a car on the bridge, it really was a common sight.

Now the pool is pestered by dog walkers (and those horrible dog walking agencies) however you used to not see many folk around even 10 years ago.

Throw stones boys - wake em' up!

Throw stones boys – wake em’ up!

This last pool was where I decided to leave the river as quite frankly if it was going to have happened i would have seen it. I was walking slow enough and studying each pool for so long that I would not have missed a trout. I was slightly disappointed however in the grand scheme of things I know “it” is on the way.

We walked up and came up against my arch nemesis – the Highland Cow

It wants to eat me!

It wants to eat me!

I took the opportunity to introduce them to the boys as I put on my best manly attitude – I don’t want them thinking their father is some kind of pansy that is scared of cows!

aaaAAAAAAGRH - you are touching one of its killing Prongs!!

aaaAAAAAAGRH – you are touching one of its killing Prongs!!

As we walked down the road the sun was still shining and I could still feel that change that was in the air. Maybe Spring is actually finally here, I know we can still have snow however I feel as if we have not only turned a corner but are now fair powering up towards something.

When I think..

Kelvin- Spring 2004

Kelvin- Spring 2004

When I think about what once was

I think about what we have now

And I think about what we might have in the future

Winter, I would like it if you would just..


Opening Celebration! (I think)

As you can see from the last post conditions on the Saturday were not exactly ideal for trout fishing. It was freezing however I managed to combat that by wearing two pairs of thermal long-johns, a thermal vest and some layers. This only meant my hands were exposed to the elements and within minutes they were like ice.

Spring has not sprung and the icy grip of winter continues to grab us by the balls and squeeze out the warm happiness.

Here, have the video from the opening celebration:

Additionally, Glasgow’s resident Angling Superstar decided to join us for a jaunt through the park and some illegal drinking  fishy talk.

Its Paul Young!

Its Paul Young!

Truth be told I did not even get my new waders wet, it was a simple case of a wander around the river and then back to bar for some hot pies and sausage rolls (see what you guys are missing) Their were no new members which I found kinda weird as the folk that were their are founts of knowledge to do with the river and are only to happy to tell other folk techniques etc.

I just looked at the 5 day forecast over at the Met Office  and things do not look as if they are going to hear up anytime soon. It looks like Thursday will have temps “feeling” like -1.

This just is not right.

After last years disastrous season I was really looking forward to casting a fly once more and was determined (am determined) to take full advantage of having a rout stream on my doorstop or even the wee burn on the way home from work. I would like to think that if we were given a terrible Spring then we may get a good summer, however the weather and statistics (and gambling) just does not work like that. The weather is fairly random and nobody can really predict what it is going to be like a couple of weeks from now never mind what kind of summer we are going to get. I suppose really it could get a little warmer and just start raining for six months, wouldn’t that be a dream!

Nope, it would in fact be a bloody nightmare!

Speaking of having a trout stream on my doorstep I was having a rummage around some of the other blogs that I visit and was counting my blessings when folk were talking about driving a few hours to get to their local stream. I was talking to a fishing buddy the other day and were talking about driving for a half hour to get to a new bit of water might be a pain in the ass however that has now paled into insignificance as all we want is a bit of sunshine to draw some olives from the water.

Anyway, I am not going to  blether on as I am pretty sure you guys know about the weather just as much as I do!

What have you guys been up to?



I noticed a few emails coming in this week regarding folk wanting “trout & fly only” tickets for the local ditch. We had decided to make them application by post only to stop any riff raff getting a hold of them and fishing with giant salmon lures and the last couple of seasons have seen take up of around 3. This year folk are a heck of a lot more stingy and we have had couple of dozen applications. Unfortunately it seems that hardly anyone has had them sent out.

Anyway, it turns out that the mail is not being sent to Paul Reid who is the local commander of the force, it also turns out he has been brought low by a rather nasty cold and sounded bloody miserable when I spoke to him today – he is still coming on Saturday to the opening day though.

Speaking of which, check this out: 11pm Friday night out my back door

What the fuck?

What the fuck?

It is not exactly looking too promising for the opening day tomorrow, in fact I wuld go as far as to say it is looking totally shite. I may actually just end up spending some time sitting at the bar wadered up drinking some nice tea and eating the buffet!

See you chaps in the morning, half eleven!

This is it!

The start of the season has not seen me fishing. In fact it has allowed me an opportunity to actually have the choice not to go fishing. Instead I have been looking at all my stuff and deciding that I need a few extras to keep me going. I met fishing buddy Alex down at the GAC and I mentioned that I wanted to get another pair of forceps, he told me that he had a several pairs and I thought to myself he is a wise man. There has been a few times that I have forgotten my forceps and it has been a right pain in the ass when it comes to getting a fly out of a trout. Usually I just turn around and go home as I would rather do that than kill a trout needlessly.

The stuff I bought!

The stuff I bought!

Same goes for snips, I keep mine on a lanyard (actually it is an old T in the Park lanyard) around my neck attached to my forceps so if I forget one I forget them both. So not only cannot I get flies out trout easily I also cannot tie knots properly without a pair of line snips. You can start to see why I just turn around and go home.

Bottom line is I bought some snips, forceps and a new fly box to keep me going.

The temp my friends is low, the forecast is for ultimate shite all week and I doubt a trout will even think about looking up at a dry fly.

How is that for an outlook?