Haunted by foxes!

I encountered it in a Bed and Breakfast in Pitlochry – the look of pure absolute evil. Its eyes were attached to a head that had been wrenched off its shoulders and then had a  hapless duck stuck between its jaws.

Stare of Death

I have never been freaked out by a stuffed animal so much in my puff.

I happen to like foxes as well.

Over the last several years my neighbor has been feeding  a fox and then its cubs. during the day the fox will lounge about outside his house  waiting for him to come home from work. If he is late  the fox will stare in at the window. It is totally unfazed by people passing by and has little fear of cars. We watched it grow a huge growth however it seemed to survive and now on a winters night we see two of its cubs out dancing around as well. Obviously we do not have any chickens or we would be freaking out.

During the summer I was driving along a new stretch of Motorway and witnessed something that has strangely stayed with me for the last few months. It was a baking hot day and the motorway was its usual busy self when in the distance I noticed something in the middle lane. It was coming up pretty quick as I was doing around 70 however the image has stayed with me and I think about it whenever I see a fox. There, sitting in the middle lane was a fox. I say sitting however the best description would be sprawled as its legs and lower body were at the wrong angle, also there was a large patch of red on the road which I suspect were a lot of its intestines. The fox was still alive and did not appear to be in any distress. It was sitting watching the cars coming towards it and then veering out the way as the drivers realised what it was. Of course nobody wanted to hit the fox as it may damage their car however I kind of wished someone would so that any suffering it was in would be over. For a few miles I tried to find the phone number of the RSPCA however it was damn near impossible for some reason, the memory of which has left me.

So the image of the fox sitting serenely watching the cars driving around it waiting for its death on a lovely summers day has haunted me for the last few m

Kelvinography multi tool..

For new readers Kelvinography is the name of spotting stuff named after the Kelvin. There are a few examples around Glasgow. 

I have not added this to my Christmas Amazon Wishlist  as I have  another funky wee multitool however here we have one named after the kelvin.

Kelvin.23 Multi-Tool – Black

I have no idea why they called it the Kelvin 23

Tamanawis – You Crazy!

Tamanawis has always been an erratic poster.

It feels like just the other day that I was fishing with him however on the phone a few weeks (months ago) he told me it had been years. That frightens me, to think the years are sliding past.

I found some photos from a few years ago…

We had a crazy weekend – this is from the Tummel.

Another from the Tummel

I walked into the car park in the morning – this was the sight that met me!

Back in August he posted this intense video which still thrills me when I hear and watch it.

When I was trying to get the pubic hair of my pals pregnant friend to tie up some wooly buggers he was the only one willing to handle the merchandise.

We need to meet up soon dude!


The usual Christmas book…

As usual I am gonna recommend this book on the Kelvin if you do not have it already.

Release the Hounds (Forum Reports)

I had forgotten how good having a forum was, now I get to read what other guys on the Kelvin get up to. This post is taken directly from the forum and I think shows the nature of urban fishing at its best.

Trout and Salmon Guru Aleister Polson writes about a regular issue with urban anglers – dogs! He has found a very good reason not to loathe the buggers jumping about barking and drooling everywhere…

Release the Hounds…

Sometimes fishermen moan about dogs going for a swim in the river. Well not me, certainly not any more after what happened the other week. In fact from now on I might even consider hiring one of the brutes to take fishing. I’d decided to have a cast in a pool I only occasionally bother with, it looks great and I have seen salmon move there once or twice but I’ve never really persevered with it probably because it is such a popular doggy swimming pool. Nine times out of ten when I arrive it’s infested with at least a dozen assorted Labradors chasing sticks and tennis balls. The other week I went for a look and was surprised to find it deserted and took the opportunity to fish it through. I was well down the pool and not having had a sniff was considering moving on when a golden retriever scrambled under the fence panting with excitement. The owner wasn’t far behind shouting strict instructions for it to stay out of the water and not bother the fishermen. That’s uncommonly considerate from a dog walker thinks I , and shouted back graciously “ nae fish in here, you’re fine , let me take one more cast then it’s all yours!”

So I lazily rolled out a farewell cast while considering where to try my luck next. Well the hound  must have  thought I was throwing it a big stick and as the line flew out it was already stampeding along the bank then taking flight and moments after my fly hit the water this vast yellow hairy idiot came crashing into the middle of the pool and simultaneously my rod buckled over and I had the most savage smash n grab take from a salmon I’ve ever experienced. The poor fish must have  shit itself judging by the speed it hit the fly.

So the owner’s having a conniption at the dog and she hasn’t even realized I’ve got a fish on. Then the fish sees the dog and starts the acrobatics trying to get out of the water. And then the dog thinks this is more lively than a normal stick and starts chasing it round the pool. Well I thought there’s no way I’m landing this fish so I threw my camera over the fence to the woman  and asked her to get some photos of the whole debacle.(Urban Fly Fisher says: brave man that, there was a 50/50 chance it could have been in cash converters within 5 mins) But I did mange to land it despite the efforts of my canine ghillie and unsurprisingly it didn’t take long to revive , it went off like a rocket!


So I’m CONVINCED the dog jumping in induced the take. And the fish was doubly scared being hooked AND chased by a dog so it fought twice as hard. So there you are, salmon coursing with hounds, I’m all for it and I shall be proposing it at the next AGM


Even More Freaky Friday Photos..

Have a great weekend!

Vermin Traps

I had absolutely no idea when I went online looking for some cheap mouse traps what I would find.

I have been bothered by the odd mouse for a while now, it started with a scratching in my attic and then progressed to the wee beasts nipping across the floor when I was getting the kids milk at some ungodly hour in the morning. Anyway, I set about them with a shock and awe approach with a couple of plastic traps bought from B&Q. They did the job however I could not help but notice  that one managed to drag itself into the middle of the kitchen from the edge before snuffing it.

So I went looking for some more traps.

Bush Wear have a huge selection, they have traps for stuff I did not even think were a problem like mmole traps & squirrel traps

Obviously I lead a sheltered life  living in my wee urban environment where only a small selection of folk decide to go hunting.

Seeing as how a few months ago I did not know I would need a mouse trap I wonder if I move out the city I will ever be needing some of these bad boys!

Any of you guys have experience of using these types of traps?

Need an idea for a gift?

Guys,  I will make this a quick one. Does anyone ever ask you what you would like as a gift at Christmas and you have absolutely no idea what to tell them?

Can I just recommend the most useful wee tool known to man over at Craigdon Mountain Sports, it is the Gerber Butterfly Suspension Tool and is the handiest gadget I own.

Needlnose pliers, Wire cutter, Fine edge knife, Serrated edge knife, Saw, Scissors, Crosspoint screwdriver, Small and medium flatblade screwdrivers, Can opener, Bottle opener and lanyard hole. Yes, keep this bad boy in a handy drawer and you will not need to go hunting for a screwdriver when you need one.




Do you see something beautiful?

Do you see something beautiful?


Get yer spawn ready, you’ve pulled!


Urban Fly Fisher Forum – phase 3

OK, some people might think I am a glutton for punishment however phase three of the Urban Fly Fisher Forum is now live.

You may remember phase one and two, they were fun phases and we had around 300 members and it was good while it lasted. However a clean sweep was needed as quite frankly it all descended into a bit of a rammy which we do not have to get into now. A quick explanation is that the die hard Salmon boys pissed off the die hard Trout boys and a crazy loon who stalked me pissed everyone off. What should have been somewhere for people to post the odd nice picture of a trout from the Kelvin (or anywhere) turned into craziness.

Anyhoo, lets start again now that everyone has calmed down.

So what is the Urban Fly Fisher Forum all about?

  • Somewhere to post an urban (or otherwise) trip report.
  • Somewhere to ask advice.
  • Reviews of gear you have purchased.
  • Stuff *

Now the funny thing I have learned about forums is that they go through peaks and troughs, sometimes folk post a lot and sometimes post folk less and to be honest I do not mind  a peaceful forum as long as people are checking in and saying something every now and again, a bit like some guys sitting around a campfire having a drink after a hard days fishing.

Anyway, once you join it will take a day or so before your account is activated. Any longer than that please contact me. Try and choose a reasonable name or I will think you are a spam sign up.

Some thirty chaps have already sneaked in and made a few posts so please join up if you fancy it – and use this post to say hello.

*Matter, material, articles, or activities of a specified or indeterminate kind that are being referred to, indicated, or implied.

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