Out and about!

The plan was to use some of my new flies down in the salt for Sea Trout. This is mainly because due to the current restrictions I am unable to get to any actual rivers to cast a fly. As much as there are  many advantages of being equidistant to so many rivers I am not actually a stone’s throw away from one. No matter, I said to myself I will purchase some rubber chest waders  and get down to the estuary. I bought a pair of Vass Tex 700 series waders off amazon and then I was good to go.

This is a lot closer than my usual sea trout mark and after a bit of research I was good to go. 

Obviously I look like some kind of terrorist as I have never spoken to so many members of the constabulary (other than in work) and they were all very interested in exactly what I was up to and how long I was going to be hanging around. When i strayed too close to potentially a danger zone a police boat would zoom up and down to inspect me which had the disadvantage of roughing up the water causing big waves. 

A small Sea Trout

It was a cold biting wind though and a fair strong one at that, I decided on the toby and spinning rod and soon was into some small sea trout. It is good wearing the polaroids as when the water was clear I could watch the fish chasing the lure in and then at the last minute I would speed up ensuring the trout would pounce on the lure – great fun!

I find the small ones just thrash about a bit and don’t really pull much. Soon I had a bigger one however it still looked a bit thin. I asked some pals what they thought and we are still undecided if it was a well mended kelt. I reckon it was now looking at the picture. 

Even small sea trout

All things considered it was a good way to blow off the cobwebs for a few hours. I have had a lot of success with sea trout (as you know) on other bits of water however now that I have my “local” estuary permit in hand I look forward to having some fun. I cannot remember if I have actually caught a sea trout on the fly in the salt however I shall make it my goal for the next few months.


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