Olives on the Water

A howling gale with intermittent light rain finally told me the trout season was finally under way. Over the Easter weekend I was visiting family in sunny Birmingham, and boy was it sunny – almost shorts weather. However scanning the weather for today here in Glasgow it was too be cloudy, windy with rain – fantastic – I had a hunch the Large Dark Olives would be coming off. For once the hunch was correct and we were soon met at the water with many large dark olives on the water with sporadic rising trout.

I managed to winkle out two trout using my olive comparadun whilst Alex caught many more using nymphs.

I was glad of my new 5 weight rod – it certainly helped to put out a nice line in the howling gale.

Sadly I did not walk up as far as the dead sheep so am unable to give a full detailed summary of its decomposition.

From here on in it only gets better.


  1. Emanuele · April 9, 2007

    and so it begins…….
    I am glad you had some action
    were there rising fish at “the pool”?

    I am missing our “other river” so much…

    I cought I couple of small fish in Gairloch over the WE ….but there was nothing really happening ….it felt nice to be out casting again though

  2. Alistair · April 9, 2007


    By the time I got to our special pool the hatch had trailed off – I kept on thinking of the trout you caught a couple of years ago at the start of the season

    I think I may be heading down again at the weekend – this time I may well hang around our pool looking for the ones we know are still their !


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