Lovely fish!!

So as usuall on a Sunday I headed down to another river with a fishing buddy. The day was pretty miserable with showers on and off……generally rotton weather. Anyway, turned out to be one of the best days fishing in a loooooong time. We both had good fish but my friends fish was by far the biggest…
big troot
It just so happened that I was having a moment of changing flies when we seen a tiny little rise….I said go for it as I was going to take a while and he did………….the result could not have been better!!

I was going to post a rather longish video of him playing the fish and then the Joyous moment as I netted it …………but instead here is a video of the fish getting the upper hand and darting for freedom!!
I myself caught a few nice trout but alas did not get my camera out until far too late !!!!