Many angling clubs AGM’s cancelled.

Well, it looks like many of the angling clubs have been forced to cancel their AGM’s due to the current pandemic. I cannot say that I am surprised as I have had a flurry of emails from my kids activity clubs all holding their AGM’s online this year. Obviously this means that for the local rugby club members cannot sit and smoke weed in their car before coming into the hall and then shouting abuse at the committee before shouting down other members. Other members cannot then complain about what the folk running the club are going to do about it – hang on,that is not the rugby club, it is in fact the Kelvin AGM! Because, you know, it is the only acceptable meeting that you can get away with things like that.

You may wish to have a read on what I have previously mused about regarding AGM’s:

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Something I posted over at the Kelvin Fisher’s facebook page.

Of course, the conspiracies have already started – we have only postponed/cancelled the AGM due to some conspiracy that we actually enjoy the power of dealing with shouty people at a fishing club. Rather than, you know, a global pandemic that kills people when they are in the same room together.

Give me peace!


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