A tale of two fishing AGM’s

I attended two annual general meetings over the last month. One was for the Kelvin where I retained my post as Vice Chair and the other was the Cove and Killcreggan Angling Club of which I am a member.

They could not have been any more different.

At the Kelvin meeting the general rumblings are that our current secretary is a dictator who will do anything to hold on to his control over the most enviable and saught after position that he has. Likewise I now appear to have this reputation as being some kind of power hungry megalomaniac who actually enjoys being verbally abused for simply volunteering to assist with running a fishing club.

I wondered why then we were all voted in on the night – elected dictators? Is Paul like the Putin of the Kelvin I mused, or is that me?

An old photo of a Kelvin AGM – they have not changed much.

The other AGM was the Cove and Killcreggan Angling Club where out of the 8 office bearers only two actual members showed up – me and another guy. Folk spoke about fishing and the future – it was actually very interesting and civilised as we sat around a table like normal people. Not once did someone call me a “bawbag” as we said goodbye. That’s right, as someone walked out of the hall at the Kelvin AGM they looked at me and said “see ya later bawbag” as they walked past me. I have still got no idea who the person was however you have got to worry about the future of angling in Glasgow if this is the type of person it attracts. Thankfully though I know it is the minority of people that act this way however it still makes you wonder.

Anyway, the one common theme at both is that we need more members – if you fancy a season ticket on the Kelvin for some excellent flowing water trout fishing you can buy it here.

If you fancy some peace and tranquility on a still water a short distance outside Glasgow then contact the Cove and Killcreggan Angling Club

Meanwhile I have flies to tie.


  1. Hey Alistair

    Generally – thanks for your excellent blog.

    It’s a real shame you had that issue with the Kelvin AGM – especially as I was thinking of joining. I spend a few weeks a year in Helensburgh and have been hunting for a local club. I looked at cove & kilcreggan, but I’m after small stream running water. Any suggestions?


  2. It is the AGM that is the issue not the actual fishing – it is still a fantastic trout fishing close to Helensburgh. There are another couple of rivers that I fish – when are you coming to Helensburgh?

  3. Hey Alistair

    Thanks for the response. Hoping to be up at from 4th to 19th April, kind of depends on whether my parents are self-isolating ?

  4. Ha indeed!

    Yeah, fly fishing. I only really got into fly fishing after I left Helensburgh (I grew up spinning in the Clyde). Annoyingly it’s far easier for me to find info on rivers and streams in England / Wales than it is around my home town. 🙂 I’ve fished the Kelvin a little, around Dawsholm Park, but never more than a stolen hour or two.

    Maybe I can talk you into a pint when I’m up, to get a little guidance.

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